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Weekend box office: audiences show 'The Lego Movie' love with big weekend again

Despite a bountiful amount of romantic films hitting theaters this weekend in time for Valentine’s Day, it was “The Lego Movie” that took the top spot again. The animated comedy had a strong second-weekend gross, without any significant drop off from last weekend, making $48.8 million. Glowing critical reviews and good word-of-mouth likely helped the film a lot this weekend, as those who didn’t see it last weekend got curious about all the hype, and those who saw it and loved it saw it again.

Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius team up to save the universe in "The Lego Movie"
Warner Brothers

But it was a romantic film that followed in second place. “About Last Night”, a remake of the 80s comedy of the same name and starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, and Joy Bryant, opened with an impressive $27 million.

Obviously audiences were drawn to the more light-hearted love story this weekend, over contenders like “Endless Love” and “Winter’s Tale”. “Endless Love”, another remake of an 80s film, follows two teenagers who fall in love, with tragic results. That movie debuted in fifth with $13.3 million. “Winter’s Tale” is based on a book that some filmmakers have deemed unfilmable, and apparently it was, as critics and audiences alike bashed director Akiva Goldmans’ take on the supernatural romance. Despite having a strong leading man in Colin Farrell, the movie opened in seventh with only $7.7 million.

The “Robocop” remake was the only other new option in theaters for those who wanted to avoid anything lovey-dovey. This action flick, despite being tamed down compared to the original’s violence to appeal to a wider audience, had a decent opening, but nothing spectacular. “Robocop” actually opened on Wednesday, but its opening day earnings were low; why the studio decided to premiere the film on a weekday that isn’t even in the peak season for movies is a tad confusing. Over five days, the movie grossed just over $26 million; from Friday to Sunday, it grossed $21.5 million of that total.

Meanwhile, those still looking to see the Best Picture Oscar nominees before Hollywood’s big night were in for a treat this weekend, as “Philomena” opened in over 700 more theaters nationwide. While it still didn’t come close to cracking the top 12, the film still got a big boost in box office, making $1.4 million.

The complete list of the top 12 movies at the box office this weekend is below. Click the links to read my full review of each film.

1. “The Lego Movie”: $48.8 million

2. “About Last Night”: $27 million

3. “Robocop”: $21.5 million

4. “The Monuments Men”: $15 million

5. “Endless Love”: $13.3 million

6. “Ride Along”: $8.7 million

7. “Winter’s Tale”: $7.7 million

8. “Frozen”: $5.8 million

9. “Lone Survivor”: $4.07 million

10. “That Awkward Moment”: $3.3 million

11. “American Hustle”: $2.5 million

12. “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”: $2.3 million

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