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Week six for new pet foster parents and Jessie

Jessie has made great strides n 6 weeks of foster care, but still has a way to go. Gets to meet a possible family for a permanent home tomorrow night.
Jo Ann Wentzel

What a good week our foster dog, Jessie, had this week. There were no potty accidents and she is really getting in a routine, though I would still adjust it when possible due to her early morning risings.

Jessie likes to get up early for a potty break and to eat. She is a smallish dog around 50 pounds so she cannot hold as much in her tummy or bladder as our really big dog. Sometimes she tries to get me up as early as 3 A.M. but, I make her wait till at least 5 A.M. She has no accidents so it is working, but she is starved. When trying a mid -day meal it seemed to be a little too much for her and her tummy seemed upset. She does get small treats during the day, but she is constantly hungry.

This dog has become a great friend to our larger dog, Mr. Owen, but still tries to herd him each day when they go outside. If he does not stay with her in the yard or won’t play he gets a little love bite on the nose and sometimes on the heel of his foot. She is an Australian Cattle dog after all.

She will join us on the bed at night for some petting and a bit of ‘lovin’ but, eventually gets up and moves to the hallway where the other dog ends up. If you get up in the night for a bathroom run, she accompanies you to outside the door. She also barks furiously if Owen hears a street noise, she joins him. She will probably be a great watchdog eventually. She sounds much scarier than she probably is in real life.

We are still working on cues with Jessie and 80 % of the time she responds correctly. If she is more interested in investigating such as at the park, she takes much longer than necessary to respond. She has been off the leash and does come when called instead of running away, but takes her good old time doing that and we wish her to be more quick at commands since it is a safety thing for dogs.

Her worse problems are still being too aggressive with cats and chewing up her toys beyond recognition. Going to a home without cats seems advisable and getting only hard, less destructible toys is the answer to the other issue. We try to teach her gentle, but that will take more time. Then she may do better with soft toys which she prefers. Right now, when she is given those, it results in a house that looks like a pillow factory explosion.

Jessie has her first Meet and Greet to be introduced to a prospective family tomorrow night. They have 3 kids over 10 years old and no other pets which may work out best for her. We love her and she has bonded with us, so if this match does not work out for adoption, we will adopt her permanently. Good luck to Jessie!

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