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Week-end concession stand at FMX la Frontera MX Park

Jazmin helping a small customer
Jazmin helping a small customer

The concession stand, painted the park’s signature green, is open for business on Saturday and Sunday. The stand is operated by Sam and Jazmin Sanchez of Anthony, NM. Sam has long wanted the opportunity to start his own business, and running the concession stand at the park is giving him the experience that he needs.

Sam and Jazmin work well together. Sam is a source of creative ideas, but Jazmin also contributes her fair share to the creative effort. Jazmin is also the primary organizer, keeping track of the myriad details necessary for the effective operation of the stand and the enterprise behind it.

The concession stand itself has come a long way since the park’s opening in January. The Sanchez’ have brought in a small stove, pans for cooking the burrito tortillas and fillings, a microwave for frito pies and cheese nachos, and a toaster for the morning bagels. The stand stocks regular and diet Pepsi, energy drinks, Gatorade, juice, soda and coffee. Sam will make hot tea when requested, and iced tea will be available during the summer months. There are several varieties of chips, and a wide selection of Mexican sweets.

The confirmed favorite of riders and families are the Sanchez’ hamburgers, which are grilled on site, settled on a toasted bun, and loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup, in any combination as desired by hungry customers. Hot dogs are also available, as are a variety of burritos and sometimes, fajitas.

The concession stand hours coincide with park hours: 10 am until dusk on Saturday and Sunday.

The photos below show the new reinforcing construction by local rider Kevin Haddock, who has reinforced the roof to permit safe shingling. Originally, the roof skin was support by one two-by-four on each side, a form that would not support adult weight. As shown, Kevin has done a beautiful job of creating a strong frame of 2x3s that is sufficient to permit several adults to work on the roof with the additional load of shingles. Other photos show the unique view from inside the stand, a perspective rarely seen by customers.