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Week 5 for pet foster parents and Jessie

Dooney and Oreo on the counter out of Jessie's reach..
Dooney and Oreo on the counter out of Jessie's reach..
Jo Ann Wentzel

Tomorrow we celebrate 5 weeks of pet foster care and the same amount of time that Jessie has been with us. This has been a good and frustrating week. Jessie, like small children or toddlers, has made both progress and relapsed a couple times.

For the most part, she is a very good dog and wants to please you. She also is like a small child and sometimes gets distracted and takes her good old time about answering your cues. The bonding process is going too well as I said before and soon it will be too cruel to make her go to another house.

She is a sweet, loving, affectionate dog and with continued work will be an ideal pet. The problem at our house is the cats and since she wants to chase them, there is some added stress in the house. The cats feel like they must hide or get to a place she cannot reach them. She sometimes responds to No cats, but often ignores it since she cannot help herself.

There is still an occasional accident and a wet spot in the morning, but she mainly has got this problem under control. Here again, she is just like a toddler being potty trained, some days are good and others not so good. Thinking her schedule was the problem, I get up very early with her to avoid accidents. That does not always help.

This situation has been misread by her foster parents. It’s not relieving herself she wants, but being so famished wants to eat. The eating frenzy at the beginning is now only present at the morning feeding. When she came to us, she was always hungry and frenzied at every meal. The morning meal is more about her feeling like she is starving. We will try from today on to add a midday meal of just dry food to see if that makes her less hungry and her food stays with her longer. She should do well at this age of about 1 year old on two feedings a day with some treats also, but maybe she is still at a puppy stage and needs to eat more frequently.

The chewing has lessened, but there still is some. We keep more doors closed and are watchful to what she is dong at any given time. She still does best with hard, chewable toys. The soft ones do not make it.

We have taken her to the park several times and she does very well for most likely never being on a leash in the past. She still pulls on the way down to the park, but is much calmer on the way home. Mainly, this is because she gets to run loose in the park. We tried a couple times letting her off the leash and she runs wildly with Mr. Owen, the large dog, and comes when you call her. A pat on the head, a treat and a ‘good dog’ and she is off and running like the wind. Maybe that is the cattle dog in her. This dog can run and to see her is wonderful since it reflects a time of pure, unadulterated joy for her.

She is allowed up on the sofa and spends some time on the bed at night, for cuddling and kisses. She behaves herself pretty well during these times, but is always interested in licking you and showing how much she loves you.

Jessie is not the best match for our house because of the cats, but we will not allow her to go back to the kennel or rescue situation if she does not soon find her forever home. It just would be unfair.

Jessie is being adopted through All Breeds Rescue and Training in Colorado Springs. You can call 719-264-6460 for info on Jessie.

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