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Week 4....Countdown to a WHOLE New You!

Countdown to a NEW Year
Countdown to a NEW Year

Let's begin this series with a bit of reflection.

Looking back on 2010 - reflect on some of the accomplishments that you have made. This is important, because we live in a culture where we are always running full speed ahead, from to-do list to to-do list to never-done list. But rarely is there a chance to look back at the ta-dah - its done list to celebrate our accomplishments.

Take some time this week to think about all of the things that you completed this year. What were your goals in January and where are you in relation to those goals today? What distractions did you overcome this year? What areas of your life have improved? Which actions are now consistent that were once not? What projects have you completed in 2010 that were started in past years?

Begin to make a list of your accomplishments to give you encouragement as you plan for the New Year. Also use these accomplishments as a reminder that you are capable of success and that you have a track record to prove it.

~ Until Next Time

On the Road to a WHOLE New You....You ARE Capable!


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