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Week 3....Countdown to a WHOLE New You!


This week's focus is fulfillment. Fulfillment is defined as 'bringing something to completion'; 'feeling satisfied about the attainment of something'. Continuing on the reflection work, think about what in 2010 has left you feeling fulfilled. Take caution not to confuse the act of completion with the feeling of completion. Often time people find themselves acheiving, completing, producing, and progressing YET not feeling fulfilled. This variance is a great indication of a disconnect between an individual's personal values and desires and their actions and activities. This could also be an indication of a lack of knowledge regarding one's true dreams and desires. This is NOT a cause for panic or a reason to believe something is wrong, it is just additional data to help you become intentional about nurturing the WHOLE New you.

Time to do a little work....Which of your acheivements from 2010 have given you a sense of fulfillment? What actions, events, situations from 2010 have left you feeling fulfilled, even if it is something you would not consider to be an achievement? Overall, what are some things about your life that you find fulfilling? How can you increase these things?

Begin to think about some actions that could increase your fulfillment as you enter 2011 and beyond. Don't make any changes or commitments yet....just allow your mind to explore those hidden, suppressed, ignored, undiscovered dreams, desires and passions.

~ Until Next Week

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory. ~Mahatma Gandhi

On the Road to a WHOLE new you....You ARE Fulfilled!


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