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Week 3, Basketball Drills For Practice

5 shooting Drills for Practice
5 shooting Drills for Practice
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This is week 3 of my weekly series, including basketball drills for coaches to use during practice.

Possible Shooting Drills for Individual/ TeamWorkouts

1) 3 in a row shooting (total 2:00)

Player starts in one corner with a rebounder under the hoop

Only one basketball should be used (have another available in case shot bounces off)

A player must make 3 consecutive shots before they can move to the next spot (5 spots on floor are corner, wing, top, wing, corner)

When a player gets all the way around they yell time and you mark down the time (ie. 1:09)

Might need to adjust time so they can get it sometimes, but our guards, when I was at Akron, got it most of the time and the record was 57 seconds

You can tell your players they need to make it a certain amount of times to be allowed to shoot in games

2) Extend Shooting (total 6:00)

2’s are worth 2 points 3’s are worth 3. (passer is also the counter)

Need one rebounder and one passer (2 basketballs)

Shooter should start with a ball, and the passer should start with a ball

The shooter shoots the ball and go’s back and forth in an elbow to elbow type rhythm while catching passes from the passer.

The shooter will stay short (moving back and forth) for one minute and then you will yell extend, and the shooter will move back to the three point line for one minute and continue the same process only each shot is now worth 3 points.

After the minute you yell rotate and the shooter moves to the elbow and does elbow to elbow for a minute, and then on the extend call moves back to the three point line on the extend call while the passer continues to keep score.

The process is continues on the opposite side on the rotate call, and the score is added up.

A good score is 100 or more, our record is somewhere in the 140’s

After the process, you can have the rebounder become the passer and the passer the shooter

You can also concentrate on how good the pass is and if the rebounder is letting the ball hit the ground or not

3) Pass and Catch Shooting

I took this drill from Tom Izzo a few years ago at a Michigan State Practice

The coach or manager stands on the free throw line facing half court

Each player has a ball and is in a single file line from a few feet behind the three point line all the way back to about half court

The first player in line throws the ball to the coach and spaces to the right, either at the three point line or a few steps in front depending on what shot they are shooting

As he catches the ball the next person in line passes to the coach or manager and spaces to the left side and the coach passes it back for a shot

This process continues (every other direction) for 5 minutes

You should, based on how good of a shooting team you have set a goal, and have a manager put on the clock every time the ball goes in

This is a rapid fire drill with an emphasis on stepping into the shot, and hustling after misses

The coach should never have to wait for a ball to catch and throw back to the players

If the goal is not reached then the drill should be repeated

MSU did this to end practice, and they had to get their goal to leave

Encourage your players to hype each other up, it should be a loud, positive, energetic, fast paced, shooting drill

4) One spot 5 minutes shooting

One ball and one rebounder

The shooter shoots in one spot continuous for 5 straight minutes and you count the score

Best way to get the score you are looking for is to have your best shooters shoot a practice round

Make people who want to shoot threes hit certain number in drill to be allowed in games

College guys, make your rebounder (player or manager) part of the drill by yelling and encouraging them to hustle and get the player as many shots as possible

This is a teamwork drill, when I was at Miami our players and managers had a great relationship because the players were in essence teammates of the shooters because they were helping them get a good score by hustling

5) Five spots 1 minute shooting

Same as before only now you are shooting in each of the five spots around the perimeter for one minute each.

*Create Space, Two Dribble Pull ups

--- The drill starts with one rebounder, another coach, manager, or player holding the basketball on the sideline a few feet back from the three point line, and a player starting at the elbow, facing the individual with the ball.

--- The player sprints to the individual who has the ball and takes the basketball

--- upon grabbing the ball, he immediately inside pivots on his left foot to simulate creating space when he catches the ball and is crowded in the game

--- He then takes two dribbles with his outside hand back to the elbow and shoots a pull up jump shot, which is rebounded and thrown back to the individual who originally had the basketball

--- The player should make 10 shots from the elbow, repeat the drill taking one dribble and shooting a 3, and then repeat both on the opposite side of the court

--- In order to keep the drill moving quickly, you can insert a second basketball, which would start in the hands of the rebounder

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