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Week 2...Countdown to a WHOLE New You!

The Comeback
The Comeback

Time for the Week 2 Reflection...It would be nice if 2010 was filled only with achievements and fulfillments, but life does not always work that way. In real life, we also have disappointments. Disappointments occur when reality does not match what you desired, hoped or even worked towards. This can lead to frustration and a temporary sense of hopelessness. But disppointments are natural and their sobering effect works to help us appreciate it when things go well. Disappointments do not have to be 'stopping points' , they can just be points of feedback to help you to course correct. Once you can pinpoint what created the undesirable effects, you can try again from a more informed position.

What disppointments have you had to overcome in 2010? How did you deal with them? What feedback did you gain from the experience? How can you use that feedback to help you excel in the future? How can looking at disappointments from a different perspective benefit you?

In 2011, think about the new actions you can take based on what you have learned from the disappointments you have experienced in 2010. Reflect on all the things that you have had the opportunity to learn through those course correcting moments.

~ Until Next Time You ARE an Overcomer!

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. ~ Robert Kiyosaki