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Weeding Through Eye Cream Reviews & Finding Credible Consumer Reviews

Many people in the skin care industry offer their two cents on how a product works.  However, often times your skin is different from the skin of your immediate family, so obviously your skin won't be the same as your neighbors, and vice versa.  With this said, it's still important to take consumers advice when comparing anti aging eye creams

While there are many eye cream reviews you can find online, it's important to know that many of them may not be as genuine as they appear.  The same thing can be said about any product you review.  In the day and age where everything from Kim Kardashian's Twitter Tweets are paid for by advertisers, (not all the time, but on occasion) you have to be careful as to not believe everything you read.  Companies are getting very smart with their marketing spend, and they know their demographic quite well.  For the same reason you will see bodybuilding and athletic apparel advertisements on, you'll see skin care advertisements on websites visited by women.  It's smart marketing - when you reach your demographic, you will make more money than just appealing to a broad market and hoping something happens.

For this reason, you never can tell if you are reading an advertisement online or if you are reading someone's opinion, experience, or authentic review.  Sometimes disclaimers can basically tell you there was money or other gifts exchanged for the mention, but not always. 

So, it's important to know of one source I like to reference when I look for "real reviews." 

That source is I like to use for multiple reasons.

1.  Only reputable sellers are allowed to have their products there.  If a merchant misbehaves, they are kicked out very rapidly. 

2.  Consumers must have made a purchase to review a product.  Not just any blog commenting robot can come in and make a review.  I'm sure you've seen those types.

3.  "Verifed" reviews are the gold standard.  If the person actually bought the product on, you'll see that label next to their name. 

Finding skin products like eye creams can be difficult, but armed with the proper information, you can be a smarter consumer. 


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