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Weeding out the Democrat infiltrators

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And Carter, who is union backed, has a voting record that defies the Republican platform of limited government and lower taxes

CAVE CREEK – On Saturday afternoon, three SUVs pulled into the Circle K parking lot in Cave Creek after driving through the heart of Rep. Heather Carter’s, R-Dist. 15, adorned with banners declaring “Heather Carter is 4 Obama Care.”

The banners are the work of the Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee, a political action committee chaired by Tom Husband, former chairman and executive director of Maricopa County GOP.

A couple of weeks ago, LD-15 precinct committeemen held a legislator preference vote by secret ballot in which Carter came in a very distant last with 3 votes while David Burnell Smith and John Allen received 76 votes and 74 votes respectively.

After she voted with the Democrats in support of HB 2010, Obama’s Medicaid expansion, LD-15 precinct committeemen issued a vote of no confidence in Carter by a vote of 54-5.

LD-15 Precinct Committeemen say representatives, such as Carter, who are Democrats and know they can’t get elected with a D after their names, give the Republican Party and the state of Arizona a black eye.

And Carter, who is union backed, has a voting record that defies the Republican platform of limited government and lower taxes.

Registering as a Republican worked for former LD-8 (now LD-23) Sen. Carolyn Allen, who served in the legislature for 16 years had a voting record left of former Gov. Janet Napolitano.

Allen chastised her own party for being conservative, rather than joining the party with which she aligned herself when she voted on bills.

Husband said, “It is time to out the Democrat infiltrators in the Republican Party. It’s time to make sure voters know who they are and how they vote so they can vote them out.”

Stating the banners are a good way to effortlessly let voters know about Carter, Husband, who may be contacted at, said he has more banners available if anyone is interested.



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