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'Weed Fairy' Yeni Sleidi spreads nuggets of love, amusement throughout Seattlle

The “Weed Fairy” has been keeping busy in Seattle, leaving free marijuana nuggets on fliers all over the city. The woman, Yeni Sleidi, first tried out the fliers in New York and recently did the same as she spent some time in Seattle. The California woman, 23, says she's just trying to amuse people and lift spirits.

The 'Weed Fairy' is spreading love throughout Seattle
Screencap via video

Fox News shares that this “Weed Fairy” initially started the plan during the government shutdown when her friends were stressed and she wanted to distract them. She got quite a bit of attention, and as she spent a few weeks in Seattle she figured she may as well spread a bit more joy.

The “Weed Fairy” leaves a little nugget of pot attached to a flier that says, “These are tough times. Take this weed.” She's focused on the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, which an adult area and likely an area where her gifts would be appreciated and unlikely to fall into the hands of young children.

Previously the “Weed Fairy” just attached her Twitter handle, @danksyappleweed, to the signs, but she has figured that Seattle is a pretty safe area in terms of opening up about her charitable deeds. The police admitted that her "program" wouldn't be a high priority to squash. Both Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012. Of course not everybody feels all that comfortable taking random marijuana nuggets off a flier taped in a public place, but people are definitely curious, intrigued and amused.

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