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Weed fairy: Want free weed? Woman offers pot on posters to ease Seattle stress

A weed fairy is spreading her fairy dust — which here essentially means free marijuana — to people throughout Seattle in an effort to ease their stress. The young woman offered a number of perfectly free pot nuggets this week, clipping the weed onto clearly seen posters throughout a local city neighborhood. This gift of sorts has no doubt been well received by some in the community, Fox News shares this Friday, May 30, while the police have not yet offered an official statement on the matter.

Weed fairy arrives in Seattle with free pot
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It appears that this weed fairy is in fact a very real person, a young woman named Yeni Sleidi. The 23-year-old says that there’s a few important reasons as to why she likes giving out free marijuana to people who want it, but mostly said that it helps to amuse people and provide them with a much needed reprieve from the stress that plagues us all on a daily basis.

Sleidi noted this week that she managed to tape a full 50 nuggets of pot to posters throughout her Seattle city neighborhood, and is so happy she was able to do so. Perhaps the humorous reactions she gets from many people is reason enough for her goodwill incentive.

"People mostly laughed," Sleidi said in a statement.

The young woman added that she initially thought of the idea to become a weed fairy following her time spent in New York, where she experienced the government shutdown, especially due to a number of her close friends being directly affected by the event. In order to help them get through the stressful time, she decides to use marijuana as a fun, safe distraction. Of course, her idea made her a local media sensation for a time.

MSN News adds that Yeni Sleidi wants people to realize that pot can help people get through tough times with the purported relaxing effects of the drug. It is significant to note that Washington is now one of the few states in the U.S. that is able to legally sell certain amounts of marijuana to of age buyers.

"I'm not sure what the thought process was but I thought people would be amused by it," said the weed fairy.

Along with the pot nuggets, Sleidi added this note on her marijuana-laden posters: “These are very tough times. Take this weed.” The free marijuana was offered in an urban neighborhood of Seattle, regarded for its unique nightlife culture.

The weed fairy says she finally feels at ease putting her name along with her free marijuana posters, and essentially attributing her “good deeds” with her own namesake. At this time, the police have not issued a formal statement on Sleidi’s stress-free offering to the public.

"I felt so relaxed about it... I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it elsewhere in the country.”

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