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‘Weed Fairy’? Free marijuana is latest pop culture freebie found on the streets

Weed Fairy offers up free pot on street poles
Weed Fairy offers up free pot on street poles
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Have you seen the “Weed Fairy” today? While many people might know Tinker Bell (who hangs with Peter Pan,) the tooth fairy who visits the kids after their teeth falls out and maybe even the Fairy Godmother, but in Seattle there is pot loving fairy roaming the streets. According to Fox News on Friday, an individual has been distributing free nuggets of marijuana to people in Seattle since Memorial Day weekend.

So how does this pot find the way to people? Apparently it is taped to fliers around the city. The weed is mostly in neighborhoods for people to just stop and grab. Over 50 flyers have been posted and people wondered just who might be behind the trend. After intriguing the community, 23-year-old Yeni Sleidi stepped forward to reveal her identity. She says she shares her pot to amuse people and to give them a break from everyday stress.

The latest pop culture trends appears to be giving away items by hiding them in community areas. While the Weed Fairy is in Seattle giving away drugs, in Los Angeles a millionaire has people tearing through parks, shopping centers and other locations looking for envelopes of cash. On Thursday night there was a massive traffic jam in the Burbank area as thousands of people rushed to a general location after Hidden Cash shared a clue on where money could be found. Causing chaos and giving hope, the free cash has people watching Twitter and rushing to an area to find cash first.

If drugs and cash aren't your type of freebies, in Santa Monica there is a temporary stand where visitors can walk up and get a hug. No strings, no questions and no names. It’s a simple exchange where a random stranger comes out of the booth to give the guest a big squeeze and remind them they are human.

Yeni Sleidi along with the other folks who are giving things away are getting people really excited about the freebies. So far no word on how the weed fairy plans to delivery her goods in the future, but the people in Seattle obviously want to keep her around.