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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Quotes, stories from readers, and funny stuff from around the web. 2/3/10

The Wise ol' Owl
The Wise ol' Owl

 This Wednesday Words of Wisdom is dedicated to a very special wise woman who is no longer with us.  My grandmother Joanna Powell was a loving, generous, and very wise woman.  She said many things that touched many lives in very special ways but the thing I remember most as her granddaughter was her funny and lovable stories and rhymes.

Here are a couple of her songs she used to sing for your enjoyment.

  • I had a lil chicken that wouldn't lay an egg, so I poured hot water up and down it's legs, that lil chicken screamed and that lil chicken begged, and now my lil chicken lays hard boiled eggs.

  • I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck. (Repeat again)

Joanna Powell will always be remembered by me as the sweetest most caring woman with her Kentucky charm and hill billy rhymes that made me laugh and giggle even on my saddest of days, the day she left this world for a better place and all of her pains ended.  I love you Grandma and I hope you are reading this from above having a little laugh along with me as I remember the laughs we used to have together. Your granddaughter, Rhonda Sullivan.

If you want to join in on the fun and share your funny stories, funny quotes, or words of wisdom. Send an email to the author, Rhonda Sullivan at The best and most funny submissions will be featured every Wednesday with the name of the submitter featured in the article. This is an on going contest and everyone can win the chance to share their "Words of Wisdom" so make as many submissions as you like.

Please remember that if you are submitting something that has been wrote by another person to give the author his/her due. Your name will still be featured as the submitter in the article even if you were not the original author. Also, remember to notify Columbus Health and Happiness if you want to remain anonymous.


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