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Wednesday: Columbus premiere of 'Speciesism: The Movie'

Most animals raised for food in the United States are spend their lives on factory farms, where they are confined in spaces too small for them to thrive and be healthy. Unlike traditional family farms, where animals are slaughtered with a minimum of suffering, factory farms slaughter animals with a mechanized efficiency, with no regard for the pain caused to the animal.

These "efficient" farming techniques are used to reduce costs and maximize profits. Animal suffering doesn't enter into the equation at all. Though it's never articulated by the corporations that operate factory farms, the underlying premise behind these farming methods is speciesism: the belief that only one species — the human one — is entitled to basic rights that should be respected. The suffering of non-human animals is not important. Humans have no responsibility to protect them.

The new documentary film Speciesism: The Movie challenges these assumptions by giving viewers a close-up view of an industry that operates invisibly, "protecting" humans from the grim, excruciating realities of how animals are treated before they end up in the meat section of local supermarkets.

The Columbus premiere of Speciesism: The Movie will be screened at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 23 at the Gateway Film Center, 1550 North High Street in Columbus. Director Mark Devries will join a question and answer session after the screening. Tickets to the premiere are available online only through Eventbrite.

"For those unfamiliar with speciesism, there may be no more enjoyable introduction to this fascinating subject than Speciesism: The Movie," writes reviewer Bruce Friedman in Huffington Post. "For those familiar with the topic, and searching for a way to introduce friends and family to the deeper questions, this film may be the perfect solution."

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