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Wedding Videography in Detroit: New trends emerge from recent study

Wedding Video should be a priority for every bride.
Wedding Video should be a priority for every bride.
Photo courtesy of Complete Video Solutions, Used with permission.

A recent study by XO Group Inc., a global media and technology leader and creator of the top wedding website,, recently released the results of its annual Real Wedding Study. This comprehensive report surveyed nearly 13,000 US brides and grooms married in 2013. But today we obtained specific data about Wedding Videography - and Videography in the Detroit area - by following up with the Site Director of, Anja Winikka.

According to Winikka, The average cost of investment for Videography in Detroit was $1,837 in 2013. This marks a 4% increase from the previous year (2012).

She also points to five emerging trends in Wedding Videography:

Save-the-Date Videos. Short videos announcing your wedding dates - or even just the news of your engagement - are quickly becoming a creative alternative to the print version. They're fun to make and you can use them on your wedding website as a personal and interactive way to make the engagement or wedding day announcement.

Short-and-Sweet Cuts. Nobody (besides you) wants to watch your entire wedding on repeat. The rest of your friends and family only really want a highlight reel. That's why short-form wedding films and trailers are becoming more popular. Click here for a sample Short Form Video.

Love Story Films. A "love story" film is a great way to show (instead of just tell) your guests how you and your new spouse met and got to this point. It can be shared at the Reception right after the couple enters and it tells the story of who the couple is.

Same-Day Edits. This trend was introduced a few years ago as an alternative type of wedding Reception entertainment and is still going strong at soirees nationwide. Your wedding day is filmed, edited and displayed on a big screen towards the end of the party. It's a shocker to guests to see a fully edited film of a wedding that just happened that day.

Smaller Cameras. Good videographers blend seamlessly into the scenery of your wedding, and they're always on the look out for the latest technology that will help them do that better. With that in mind, the future of videography technology is focused around smaller cameras that are even less intrusive than the cameras currently being used by many and are more easily maneuverable. Videographers can get creative, capture new angles and give viewers a more intimate viewpoint.

Remember that your special day is going to fly by faster than you can imagine...having a Video is the best way possible to capture this incredible memory-filled day. Using technology, you can make your wedding more modern and fresh for your guests. With these tips for how to be creative with video elements during, before and after your wedding, you will be the talk of the town!

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