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Wedding transportation- limo alternatives

A memorable way to travel on your wedding day.

You’ve done the limo thing for your prom. Now that you’re getting married, it’s time for something different. Sure, a limo has its advantages; there’s enough room to fit an entire Quinceñera party and Mariachi band in the back, plus there’s built in beverage service for that much needed glass of champagne on your way to the reception.

Yet, if you want to make a grand entrance with a different set of wheels, you’re living in the right city. Los Angeles, Mecca of the car culture, makes it easy to find plenty of limo alternatives to get you to your wedding digs in memorable style. Leave the stretch fleet for the high schools and jump on these out of the ordinary suggestions:

Road Trip!

You’re about to take the first step down the matrimonial road, so why not look like you’re preparing for the tip of a lifetime? Adventure Touring can set you up in a home on wheels, fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, lounging facilities, and sleeping quarters for those who want a head start on some honeymoon action. It’s hard to find a ride that can double as a place to dress, baby-sit children, stash wedding gifts and house out of town guests, while getting you to the church on time. With a set up this versatile you may be tempted to high tail it down to Dockweiler and turn your wedding day transporter into your beach side honeymoon suite.

Go Retro

Few things with an engine and axle are more elegant than circa ‘54 Bentley sedan, while nothing says California beachside casual more than a vintage Ford Woody. Classic Car Rentals will put you in a coach that expresses personality. If you’re an old fashion couple, the type that still writes letters to each other, there’s a Model T just waiting in the wings. Living your own modern day Camelot? Beverly Hills Rent a Car will let you try on a vintage 60’s Cadillac convertible, on for size.

Go Eco

Saying “ I do” should melt your hearts, not the polar ice caps. Show you love each other and the earth by arriving at your wedding in a caravan of fossil fuel free automobiles. Enterprise’s Keys To Green program offers a large selection of hybrid vehicles to rent, plus a CO2 offset program to make sure you get to your wedding leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. 

Board the Magic Bus

We’re not talking MTA or yellow school bus, here. USA Bus Charter can have you traveling like a rock star in a decked out fully loaded VIP chartered coach. Large and small buses come loaded with plush sofa like seating, bar service and paparazzi thwarting blinds. With such lux surroundings, you may find yourself neglecting your guests as you enjoy a rogue reception- in the coach.

Depending on the location of your wedding, you may be able to arrange arriving by gondola, horse, golf cart, rickshaw, hay truck, scarlet litter, or pumpkin carriage. How ever many options you have there is one that is off the table: the old English tradition of arriving at your wedding by foot. We all know- thanks to 80’s rock group Missing Persons, that "nobody walks in L.A."