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Wedding stresses

I know I normally write about dating, relationships, being single. But there are those of us out there who have had the profound opportunity to find that special someone we want to spend our lives with. I am in the middle of planning my own wedding and I am ready to give up and just elope and take a cruise.

Men just do not seem to understand everything that must be done, even if you are just having a small wedding. I rolled out the 4 page front and back wedding list of things to get done and his eyes went BIG! hahahahahaha And yet, does he help make any decisions, no, he just seems to blow it off. So, ladies when you are put in this position there is only one thing to do, do it yourself and let him get pissed off, he will get over it!

Goodluck to all those brides out there!

Till next time,


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