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Wedding season makeup

Wedding Day Glam
Wedding Day Glam
Photo by Cindy Ord

Spring has sprung and like many New Yorker’s my tiny apartment mailbox is overflowing with save the dates and wedding invitations. These large events – while fun and festive – are not without their share of fashion and beauty challenges. What to wear so that you’re appropriate but still feel beautiful; can you really make that bridesmaid’s dress less frumpy and more fabulous; and how can you get your hair and makeup to last the eight or so hours from pre-ceremony pictures to last man on the dance floor?

To answer the last query, we turned to celebrity makeup artist, Rae Morris, who gave us her top tips for staying wedding day glam:

Face First: We all know that foundation and concealer are meant to make your face look flawless, but too often people select the wrong shades or apply too much, and the result is anything but natural. “I tell people to have a ‘Victoria’s Secret Glow,’” says Rae. “I think this makes the skin look more youthful. First, use a foundation that covers your skin perfectly and remove all blemishes. This is done with the right concealer, and it’s very important to use a great concealer brush. Then you can use a soft shimmer highlighter to the cheekbone, inner eye corner and under your brow, and just keep your t-zone softly powdered. And my final tip, buy non- powdered Blotting paper (I love the super absorbent MAC ones), they will soak up all the oil and keep your skin looking velvety all night.”

Eye Spy: A wedding is the perfect excuse to go for an ultra-feminine look. In fact, according to Rae, “Sometimes keeping it simple is the best choice you’ll ever make!” She favors a 60’s style eyeliner with amazing lashes. “Start with a shimmery golden lid with a hint of bronze around the lash line, but remember, if fine lines are a concern, keep all your eye shades matte.” As for lashes, Rae advises to “ avoid fake looking lashes, as lashes that are too long or heavy (especially for a day time wedding) will cause shadows under the eyes. So keep lashes full and long of course (and yes add some soft false to help them out) but make sure there gaps in-between. You want to see your eyes, not have them over shadowed but heavy lashes that weigh down over your eye.”

Luscious Lips: “I love a red lip look, it’s so classic!” But beware, Rae only opts for this look if you’re already used to wearing red lips as you may have to maintain or refresh throughout the evening. “I love the color Ruby Woo from MAC as it suits just about everyone. My one major rule, however, is that once the lip is on, I tell people no kissing, drinking or touching those lips until after the ceremony. If you must imbibe in some pre-wedding champagne, be sure to drink through a straw!”

More of Rae’s tips can be found on her twitter and instagram: @raemorrismakeup or on her website:

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