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Wedding ready abs with a new book by Howard VanEs

New Book by Howard VanEs

Howard VanEs, M.A., has been committed to wellness and fitness for over 26 years. He has a deep passion for wellness and a desire to help people learn about the many ways they can improve the quality of their health and lives through mind/body methods. His experience includes weight training, martial arts, yoga, stress management training, and work from his previous role as a psychotherapist.

In his latest book, ABS! 50 of the Best core exercises to strengthen, tone, and flatten your belly, you can be ready for your wedding! Experience 50 of the very best abdominal and stomach exercises from Yoga, Pilates, and other fitness modalities in the book. Each exercise has been carefully selected for their ability to produce quick results and are fun to do. ABS! goes well beyond old fashioned crunches and sit-ups so creating an extremely effective abs workout.

Whether the belly in question is on the soft side one of a high level athlete, both will find a great variety of ab exercises that will target all four major groups of abdominal muscles, categorized by easy, moderate, and challenging. It is great for all levels of fitness. This book doesn’t make extreme promises like getting ripped abs in 6 days, and doesn’t recommend crazy diets that one will be dying to get off of in a week, and there isn’t a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. It is just jammed packed with highly effective ab and stomach exercises that will help strengthen, tone and get a flat belly in a healthy way.

Howard is the primary author and editor of the wellness book series: Beginning Yoga: A Practice Manual, Abs!, Release Your Shoulders, Relax Your Neck, Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength, Meditation: The Gift Inside, and co-author of Office Ergonomics, Preventing Repetitive Motion Injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He is also the co-producer of the audio CD, Shavasna/Deep Relaxation, and creator of the Yoga on Demand audio program which features over 14 yoga audios. In addition to writing about and teaching yoga, Howard also leads yoga teacher trainings, wellness seminars and retreats worldwide.

This book is now available for Kindle or in paperback from Amazon. With the reviews already received for the book, a majority of people gave it 5 stars!

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