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Wedding plans go awry in 'June in January' on Hallmark Channel

"June in January" is a Hallmark Channel Original Movie that premiered on Sat., Jan. 18, 2014. The romance about a wedding stars Marilu Henner, Brooke D'Orsay and Wes Brown.

June in January is a wedding story starring Brooke D'Orsay, Marilu Henner and Wes Brown.
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June Fraser (D’Orsay) is a young woman who has dreamed about the perfect wedding all her life. She and her mother talked about wedding plans as June was growing up, planning the wedding down to the smallest detail. Her mother Kathryn (Anne Marie DeLuis, "Cedar Cove") passed away a few years ago, so memories of her mother are especially poignant as she becomes engaged and a wedding is becoming a reality.

June's boyfriend Alex Blackwell (Brown) proposes to June on New Year's Eve and it seems to be a dream come true. Alex is a handsome attorney from a wealthy family. His mother Diana (Henner) is a scheming control-freak who is determined to take over the wedding plans, although she would have chosen a different bride for her son.

The wedding is initially slated for June, which is the month she aways dreamed of for the nuptuals. Plans change suddenly when Alex gets a job offer in Cleveland and wants to marry in January se they can move to Ceveland together. With only three weeks to plan the wedding, the couple accepts Diana's offer to host the wedding at the beautifu Blackwell home, giving Diana the footing she needs to take over wedding planning.

June tries to salvage her special day and pull off the perfect summer wedding she’s always wanted despite the chilly calendar change and Diana’s cold calculating scheming. When Diana goes so far as to present a prenuptual agreement to June and Alex, the wedding is in danger to being cancelled altogether.

"June in January" stars five-time Golden Globe nominee Marilu Henner (“Taxi,” “Hitched for the Holidays”) as Diana Blackwell; Brooke D’Orsay (“Royal Pains,” "How to Fall in Love") as June Fraser; Wes Brown (“Deception,” “Shadow on the Mesa”) as Alex Blackwell; Gerard Plunkett as Richard Blackwell; Barclay Hopeas Charlie Fraser; Christie Laing as Tessa Williams; and Chelsea Hobbs as Bethany Barnard.

“June in January” is a Johnson Production Group, Inc. production. Tim Johnson and Jean Abounader are the executive producers. Oliver De Caigny is the producer. Mark Griffiths directed from a script by Abounader and J.B. White.

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