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Wedding planning tips: What is a wedding favor + food favor ideas

Intro: If you're in the stages of planning your wedding and need some wedding planning tips, you might want to start thinking about wedding favors. In this short guide, you'll learn the answer to the question "What is a wedding favor" (really) and get some suggestions for some beautiful food wedding favors plus ways to present them.

Wedding planning tips: What is a wedding favor + food favor ideas

Make Chocolate Candy Roses as Food Wedding Favors

What do the Colors of Roses Mean?

What is a Wedding Favor?

Wedding favors are little gifts that you give your guests to show them that you appreciate them coming to your wedding and for supporting your new marriage.

The tradition of giving wedding favors spans back centuries. According to the website, The American Wedding, aristocrats gave each guest, who attend the wedding, a little gift box called a bonbonniere.

These weren't necessarily practical wedding favors, but they were beautiful. These jewel-encrusted boxes held candy and sugary treats. When you consider that sugar was a luxury during that time in history, then you understand not only where the tradition of giving food wedding favors began, but also what a small gift of extravagance this was.

Wedding Planning Tips ~ Do I Need to Make Handmade Favors?

Handmade wedding favors are a nice gesture, but not necessary unless you want to do this for your wedding guests.

However, good manners dictate that regardless of the kind of favors you give your guests, whether they be practical wedding favors or food wedding favors, that you personalize these table top gifts.

Creative Wedding Ideas ~ Why People Like Food Wedding Favors

Watch the video at the top of the screen to learn some quick wedding planning tips about how to personalize your wedding favors to show your guests how much their presence at your wedding means to you and your intended. Find out as well why people like getting food as treats at your wedding.

Need Some Ideas for Food Wedding Favors? Check These Out.

Here are more creative wedding ideas for wedding favors, including wedding doughnuts and homemade jam.

Buzzfeed Wedding Favor Ideas

10 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

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