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Wedding on a Budget - The Honeymoon


The honeymoon is one thing that you won't want to skimp on.  It might not seem that important while you are planning the wedding, but just wait until the morning after your wedding, when you feel like you've been hit by a Mack truck, and nothing will sound better than a week's long vacation.  With this down economy, vacation deals are easy to come by.  There are several types of vacations that you can take for around $1500 (or less) for two!

  1. Cruises.  Cruises are a great deal, especially if you live by a port and don't have to pay for airfare.  Cruises are nice because it is all you can eat, endless entertainment and more for around $50 a day.  Cruise ships today have everything the heart desires including casinos, a variety of restaurants and bars, gyms, spas, golf, rock climbing, pools, ice skating rinks, childcare, on boat entertainment and shopping.  Of course, if you do want to go on any excursions or hit up the bars that will cost you extra, but overall it is a fantastic vacation for a low price.  Hint:  If you take a cruise from August to October you will get a discounted rate since it is hurricane season.  If you buy the traveler's insurance (which you should anyway) it will cover anything cancellations that happen due to weather.
  2. All Inclusive.  These are the most popular vacations and for good reason.  You pay for everything upfront, but once you get to the island you don't pay for anything (not even a tip).  All inclusives in Mexico are going to be the cheapest resorts mostly around $1,600 for the week compared to $3,000 and up for the more expensive resorts.  They offer everything the more expensive resorts do, but flights into Mexico and cost of living make the vacation cheaper.  The all inclusive options include food, drinks, entertainment, snorkeling, golfing, kayaking, sailing and more.  In fact, you never have to leave the resort for anything. 
  3. DisneyAnother popular option among honeymooners is Disney World.  If you stay off-site and don't eat your main meals at the park this is a vacation you can do for pretty cheap.  They have a host of parks to choose from including Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  This year, Disney is also offering free tickets for a days work volunteering for your favorite charity.  The best time to go to Disney is in their off season which is September to November and January to the beginning of March.   

Remember all those negotiating skills you learned when you were haggling prices for your wedding?  You are going to want to use those again when booking your honeymoon.  Talk to a travel agent and see what deals and upgrades they can get you before booking anything on your own.  The last thing to do now is enjoy your honeymoon!

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  • Reed Sawyer 5 years ago

    We went to Boone, NC for our honeymoon. I had a client that loved the work I did and gave us the use of her mountain cabin for the week. Not that I'm cheap, but we did the honeymoon for less than $1,000 (and that included the river rafting trip.)

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