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Wedding on a Budget - The Ceremony

Homemade Wedding Programs
Homemade Wedding Programs
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A wedding on a budget seems to be somewhat of an oxymoron, but it really is possible if you just follow a few simple steps.  This is the first of a series of frugal wedding posts we are bringing you to make your wedding planning experience more enjoyable.  The ceremony is the best place to begin because it is one of the easiest places to cut costs.  There are many things that you can do to reduce spending when it comes to the ceremony.

  1. The Flowers.  If you really do want large floral displays then we recommend skipping the local florist and ordering in bulk from Sam's Club or Costco.  The flowers are exactly the same (if not nicer) than what you would get from a local florist and can save you $500 plus.  They are easy to arrange and it can be something fun you and your bridal party can do together.  Make sure you ask your venue if they have any free accessories and displays you can use.  A lot of times they are happy to lend you their arrangements and will do so for free.
  2. The Church.  A church can actually be really hard to find now-a-days.  Most want you to be a member of their church or ask an arm and a leg to use their sanctuary for a few hours.  This is where you have to do your homework and shop around.  Churches such as Central Christian Church in Carmel, East 91st Christian Church in Indianapolis and Grace Community Church in Noblesville are wonderful places to have your wedding.  Their staff is helpful and friendly and they are willing to work with you.  Don't forget, if there is a church that you are absolutely in love with but is a little out of your price range try to negotiate with them.  A lot of times, churches have random set up/clean up fees, pastor fees, etc. that you don't need.  Talk to them about reducing or eliminating the services that you aren't going to use.
  3. The Programs.  Let's be honest, people usually look at your programs for a few minutes while you are exchanging vows and toss them in the trash immediately following the ceremony.  There is no reason to spend thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars on something that is just going to get thrown away.  A great cost cutting solution is to print your own programs.  With today's technology, you can do this and make them look like they were done by a professional.  Sites such as VistaPrint and Wedding Programs Fast allow you to order there predesigned templates for around $30 for 200 and print them at home.  
  4. The Details.  Remember that the guest book, the flower girl baskets and the ring bearer pillow are all just extra little details that no one really pays attention to.  For the guest book you can go to your local bookstore and find one in the discount section.  Flower girl baskets can be made pretty easilty by going to Joann Fabrics buying a $2 basket and tying ribbon around it.  As for the ring bearer pillow, see if a friend still has hers from her wedding and ask to borrow it.  

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful.  When all the little costs start to build up remember that you can save by following these tips.  Check back for more wedding tips on a budget later this week.

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