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Wedding gowns: Black and white and red all over

Speak with the unspoken word of color and whisper powerful messages with your wedding gown. Here are three looks for bridal for you to savor and to discover the meaning of the colors for your wedding day. The three colors I am selecting are white, pink/red, and black.

Inspiration for the Modern Bride
Photo by Randy Brooke/Getty Images
Would you wear a blossom colored gown for your wedding?
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Purity, virginal and freshness, and mournful in Eastern cultures and wedding traditions in Western cultures

Energy, strong and assertive, passion, sexual and exciting, and wedding celebration in Eastern cultures

Powerful, mournful, sophisticated, a level of mystery, business and formal attire in Western cultures

Colored gowns in black and red as well as white/cream/blush are now a big trend.

We live in a global world, influenced by all events around the globe. The Western traditions and Eastern traditions are melding in the realm of the wedding gown.

White gown: Traditional for Western cultures

Red gown: Traditional for Eastern cultures – China

Black gown: Now a new possibility for all cultures – an avant garde option for high society and a return to the pre-Victorian wedding gowns which were “a Marry and Bury Gown”. The bride would wear her wedding dress and would at the end of her days be buried in it. Since it was her best dress and all that could be afforded.

Black Tuxedo: Tradition for wedding and black tie events in Western cultures. It is also the main stay for “James Bond” who celebrated 50 years of Bond films last year.

For me I would go with a traditional color choosing a shade of white that enhances the skin tone.

Let me know which one you love and why.

Would you dare wear a red or black gown?

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