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Wedding: FORUM #3 engages OKC Mayoral Candidates 2014

OKC Mayoral Candidates meet for FORUM #3 tonight
OKC Mayoral Candidates meet for FORUM #3 tonight

Dr. Ed Shadid posted email notices yesterday afternoon noting that there would be an OKC Mayoral Candidate Forum #3, which is Wednesday, February 26th at 7pm at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, at 44th and NW Shartel, in the heart of Crown Heights Neighborhood. Dr. Shadid continues to ask the public to become engaged in decisions about how Oklahoma City is run.

The regional hotspot election is the Oklahoma City Mayoral Race, pitting a return Republican candidate against three alternatives, one Independent who has made a tremendous showing.

(The 2nd OKC Mayoral Candidate Forum was successfully held at the Northside Christian Church on Tuesday night at 7pm, in the Hefner/May around Quail Creek) area.

The sitting Oklahoma City Mayor, Mick Cornett has refused participation in a League of Women Voters OKC Mayoral Debate for this OKC Mayoral Election 2014 and all scheduled forums.

Dr. Ed Shadid has worked cooperatively with community venues to encourage hosting of interface between candidates in the absence of a formal, televised debate.

Many Oklahoma City potential voters have not had a chance to view candidates together in dialogue or otherwise uniformly answering questions about their plans or prior actions for Oklahoma City, which only adds to the mysterious nature of Mayor Mick Cornett's refusal to debate. What turns out to be an honorary place is set for Mayor Mick Cornett, and invitations are extended for each event, however he has not attended. Repeatedly.

People who have attended the prior forums have expressed concerns that Mick Cornett has failed to show up for any prior scheduled events or to answer questions of press or public that Cornett himself has pressed Dr. Ed Shadid answer.

Emerging news source, Red Dirt Report specifically identified that Cornett refused to interview, and refused to release specific documents. documents of office finance, home finance, divorce and travel while sitting as the Oklahoma City Mayor

The public has noted Cornett's refusal to debate or sit for the forums. One person noted that it was very much like how 3rd world countries are run, where the public doesn't and cannot know how the government is being run.

Many people have expressed satisfaction in having the chance to comparatively listen to the 3 remaining candidates answer questions or make statements regarding their platforms in the OKC Mayoral Race via the community sponsored forums.

The last OKC Mayoral Race had under 40 % of the OKC eligible voting population turn out for voting. This race is expected to be different.

Voting begins at the Elections office for EARLY Ballots on Thursday and Friday February 27th and 28th at the Oklahoma County Elections Office,

Local voting in home communities is on Tuesday, March 4th.

It is remarkable that the bus service for Oklahoma City MetroTransit does not run to the Elections Board. There are no sidewalks that extend from the NORTH end of the Oklahoma State Capitol where the bus DOES run, down to the Oklahoma County Elections Board Office.

Oklahoma City Sentinel newspaper in a first ever editoral move, today proclaimed on their front page their support for Dr. Ed Shadid as the chosen candidate for OKC Mayoral Election 2014.

The Oklahoma Gazette produced a political cartoon cover this week, with articles hosting oddly skewed statistics and political projections throughout.

And of course,Twitter personality @MickChickens has made some signature appearances Citywide non-verbally indicating his queries via signs and Instagrams and there was an electronic debate of fake candidates, via Twitter over the weekend, that was a decent effort to discharge feelings about Oklahoma's historically skewed climate that often relies on rhetoric and rumor instead of facts that focus positive growth actions. Fake political accounts abound in OKC. too many to mention. #OKCFakeDebate is the hashtag to see the exchanges. Well. Most of them.

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