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Wedding Favors!

Unique favors show off at the reception well!
Unique favors show off at the reception well!
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The wedding favors seem to cause headaches that no bride and groom need at a time when the wedding planning is at it’s height of stress level. Coming up with, and arranging unique wedding favors appears to be more important today then it was the past. Luckily there are a number of nice options available which can be tweaked to fit into each couple’s budget. There are many other more important things that require a brides time when organizing for that special day, favors should not have to be a stressful part of it.

Here is a list of favors that have and will pass the test of time and can be made up as described or changed to fall into the bridal couple’s unique taste and ideas:

•    Flowers are undoubtedly one of the easiest wedding favors that can be given to the guests. Naturally this highly depends on the season of the wedding, many couples who choose flowers decide on a single red rose for each guest to symbolize their love. When ordering single stemmed roses the florists will prep them with their own water tube. This is a bit more time consuming but each rose can also be the seating card “holder”. You can simply tie each guests name placket to the rose stem with a color coordinating ribbon and then have a friend or family member place one rose across each place setting after the tables have been set for the wedding reception according the seating plan you have set.

•    Small potted plants such as African violets can be arranged on ornate tower-stackers (ask your florist they might have them in stock or will know where to rent them from).This will act as table centre pieces and favors all in one.

•    Wine has become a very popular wedding favor. With all the options of making, naming, bottling and labeling a specific wine it’s easy to understand why. Even if the couple doesn’t have a vast knowledge of wine the DIY wine shops have expert help available that makes the choosing of the right type as easy as pie. A smart thing to keep in mind is that if the couple follows the time frame of wedding planning which is roughly 12 to 14 months and make the wine soon into their planning time by the time the wedding comes along the wine will have had almost a year of aging.

•    The Candy bar seems to be becoming a favorite these days at weddings can be especially enhanced by using a presentation tin again labeled with the special date and name of the couple. Time makes a difference here too, small tins can be ordered with the name and date printed on the lidded containers making this a really great and easy ‘no-work-for-the-couple’ type of favor.

•    Candy as table center pieces Instead of the candy bar a simpler but possibly more interesting method is to present the candy in a large glass bowl on each of the tables instead expensive centerpieces. Each guest can fill their. Each of the guests will fill up the presentation containers, little tins or small cartons with candy with the candy in the centerpieces making this an extremely convenient gift which does not involve any wrapping.

•    Picture frames are longer lasting and more useful then candy.  To save time and money use the frames as place cards holders according to your seating plan. This would make the wrapping unnecessary thus saving considerable amount of time, not to mention the cost.

•    Photos another easy wedding favor option maybe not the cheapest however really well received. Hire an extra professional photographer to attend the wedding reception. There he/she can take photos of the couple as they arrive. As everyone will be looking their best this is a wedding favor they will really enjoy. The photographer can bring along printer and photo paper which then the couple can distribute as a thank you for coming to the guests before they leave the reception.


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