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Wedding Expert Brian Worley Brings Innovative Style to the CW Network

Wedding Planner on The CW Networks "Shedding for the Wedding"
Wedding Planner on The CW Networks "Shedding for the Wedding"

Brian Worley is not your average event planner! Instead he is the go-to-guy for the most uniquely fabulous and over the top gatherings in Hollywood. Featured on a number of wedding and event planning television shows; he is truly in his element both on and off screen. Now his latest role as wedding guru on the CW Networks reality-competition “Shedding for the Wedding”, displays once again why he should plan your next event.

As the Co-owner of “YourBASH!” event productions, Worley brings 12 years of expertise to the industry. He is a mainstay as consultant and co-host for shows like E!’s “Party Monsters, Cabo” ,” Platinum Weddings”, “Battle of the Wedding Planners” and you may have also seen him appear as wedding planner for comedian Terry Crews on “The Family Crews”. It’s no wonder this event specialist is so high in demand! But he admits that working with everyday people is what makes his job so rewarding.

This rang true for Worley when he joined “Shedding for the Wedding”, as his personal experiences made him the perfect candidate to work with the nine couples chosen for the show. He counsels them through some rough patches, especially when it comes to weight loss. “I was overweight at one time and I know how hard that journey can be. But the couples stuck to it and I saw how much closer they became during this process, now they look great. Everyone will be shocked at their transformations”, he chimed.

Each couple endured grueling weight loss challenges to win elements of their big day. The dress and tuxedo, rings, invitations, and cake are examples of some the prizes. At the end of each show, the couple that looses the challenge is eliminated and sent home to continue their workout regimen. The finale` show brings those seven couples back for a final weigh-in to determine who has lost the most combined weight. The winners are awarded an all expense paid Honeymoon. The final two couples standing compete for the grand prize which is the fantasy wedding of their dreams.

Wedding themes included some unique and not so conventional ideas like: Video Games, Football, Big Band Music, Fairy Tale, Eco-Friendly and Hollywood. “The Gamers where definitely a challenge”, offered Worley, admitting that he really had to think out of the box when it came to incorporating video games into the main scope of that couples' wedding. On the other hand “Fairy Tale and Hollywood themes were easier, obviously because I have so much experience with those types.” The Eco friendly theme was also very personal for the event specialist since it is a “YourBASH!” specialty. He and partner Jaime Geffen are big on using recyclables for events and encourage their clients to consider this as well. “YourGreen Events” is a division of the company that embraces the environment without sacrificing style. “I have worked with companies like Fox, who are very dedicated to doing things as environmentally conscious as possible. Using organic foods and recycled materials are just some of the ways that we achieve this effort”, says Worley.

On “Shedding for the Wedding” you can expect to see the grooms very involved in the process as well. It is another detail that most event planning experts miss. “It’s important for the Groom to feel like apart of the process, often the bride is the one making all of the decisions but I encourage the Grooms’ participation every step of the way”. Worley goes on to discuss how the importance of getting to know his clients on a more personal level, allows him to give them the most authentic wedding possible. “You become a confidant throughout this process especially for the Bride”, shares Worley. “You experience the highs and lows of wedding planning, but there is nothing like handing the Bride her bouquet just before she walks down the aisle. The moment is truly magical.”

Something tells us we will see Brian again soon and when asked about future projects he is hopeful that his own show is on the horizon. “Hopefully this project will pave the way for my own show. I feel like I have a completely different approach to event planning and the ability to make each event unique and individual.”

Watch Brian in action on “Shedding for The Wedding” every Wednesday night on the CW Network. You can also keep up with him and other stars from the show on the Brian is also on Twitter @bworleyevents and of course for more information on booking Brian for your next event, check out his website


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