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Wedding Dress Body

I am currently deep in the throes of my pursuit of a wedding dress body. This pursuit began with my training for the Philadelphia Marathon, which resulted in a loss of about 10-11 pounds. Then I took what was marketed to be a high intensity interval training small group class at Golds Gym Capitol Hill, which resulted in a gain of 2-3 pounds (although, I hope that's muscle I am seriously doubtful). At the behest of a coworker, I then capitalized on the opportunity to purchase a one-month unlimited membership to The Bar Method DC, and then decided to seize another opportunity to purchase a 6-week unlimited membership to Pure Barre Capitol Hill.

In addition to my exercise routine, I am also counting calories (I use the livestrong lite application), trying to eat as clean as possible (although admittedly I am still trying to figure out exactly what this means for me), and am contemplating complementing these efforts with a daily day or evening juice cleanse. I recently purchased two juice cleanses from Raw Generation and Jus by Julie, and will definitely post my critique of both cleanses once I have had a chance to try them.

The only thing that I can solidly critique at this time, would be the Golds Gym HIIT Class. I would give the class a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. It was definitely more difficult than anything that I would do on my own, but I think it could hardly be described as "high intensity". My main gripe with the class was that we took too many breaks and that the breaks that we took were too long. When I take a HIIT class I want to be challenged. I want to feel like I can't possible do another crunch, push up, lunge or squat when I am done with the class. I want my legs to feel like jello and my muscles to feel fatigued. I want to feel like I got my "you know what" beat. At the end of every HIIT class, I ran another 4.5-6 miles. I simply wasn't challenged enough.

I have only been to one barre class so far, but at this point I would give Pure Barre an 8 out of 10. I anticipate that I will ultimately bump that up once I begin to see results. My first barre class at Pure Barre was surprisingly challenging and I am committed to participating in at least 4 barre classes a week for the next six weeks. I am extremely encouraged by Purre Barre's insistence that by consistently taking its classes you will see a change in your body. There seems to be no "results may vary for participants" asterisk here. Could barre classes be the "magic" weight loss remedy I've been in search of for almost a year now? Well, I don't believe in "magic" cure alls but I certainly hope that it will whip me into wedding dress shape in the seven weeks that I have until the wedding.

Wish me luck!

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