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Wedding desserts can be more than just cake

Starting with the cupcake trend a couple years ago, different desserts have been popping up at weddings.
Starting with the cupcake trend a couple years ago, different desserts have been popping up at weddings.
kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop),

Some girls dream of a traditional wedding cake, and others want something more unique. Starting with the cupcake trend a couple years ago, different desserts have been popping up at weddings. Here are a few suggestions for alternatives that won’t disappoint guests wanting something sweet and delicious.

Cupcakes: They came out fast and furious as a sweet trend, but seem to be sticking around, evident by the cupcake bakery on every corner. They make a perfect wedding cake substitute because they can be stacked on a cupcake stand, similar to the shape of a traditional wedding cake. Dallas is one of the lucky cities to have one of the original cupcake bakeries, Sprinkles. There are other yummy options too though like Society Bakery on Greenville Ave.

Cake balls: In case you aren't familiar with this delicious trend, they are essentially "bite-size" pieces of cake. They have a moist center mixture of cake and frosting with a shell coating. They look like candy, but taste like cake. They are a delectable treat that looks fancy enough for a wedding, but is also fun to eat. Creme de la Cookie and Romano's Bakery in Dallas have some of the tastiest.

Bundtinis: Nothing Bundt Cakes pretty much takes the cake on these. (Yes, pun intended.) There are eight locations in the Metroplex. It specializes in Bundt cakes of course, but the most fun are the baby Bundt cakes. They are exactly what they sound like. They are desserts in the shape of a Bundt cake, but the size of a cupcake. There are flavors from lemon to chocolate, and vanilla to red velvet.

Ice cream cake bites: These frozen treats come from a surprising place. Baskin Robbins creates these individual ice cream cakes and makes them pretty enough to serve at any wedding. Guests will definitely not be disappointed in the quality of the taste. The most difficult thing is keeping them cold until it’s time for dessert because they do contain ice cream. They come in chocolate mint, double chocolate, Oreo, praline caramel, red velvet, and vanilla blondie.

Hot chocolate bar: Everyone picks up a mug full of hot chocolate and fills it with all the toppings they like from an assortment of marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc. Flavor syrups could be another yummy addition. This is also an option for a surprise late night snack for guests.

Candy buffet: Set up a long table of various types of favorite bulk candies. Every guest gets a bag and scoops in all their favorites. This can double as a favor if it is set up for guests to take on their way out. These can color-coordinate with the rest of the wedding colors or correspond to the wedding's theme. Some suggestions to get you started are M&Ms, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, suckers, jelly beans, Pixie Stix, Smarties, chocolate-covered peanuts. It could include plain nuts if you want a healthier option available.

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