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Wedding day weather woes: 5 tips to make it work

So you're getting married! He's popped the question, you've said yes and now comes the fun! Yes, fun. The arduous task of planning sometimes takes the fun out of the day, but if you're prepared, any obstacle can be overcome. Weather is one of the biggest mishaps at a wedding. Especially in a place such as Colorado, where it's known that there can be days when the 4 seasons occur in one day. For example, on October 22, 2010, Colorado Springs experienced sunshine, hail and snow, all on that day.

Lionscrest Manor main hall.
Lionscrest Manor main hall.
Lionscrest Manor

Three of the most popular months for weddings are August, September and October. The weather is somewhat unpredictable, but at least the wedding party and guests will not succumb to heatstroke as it happens in the summer months. So instead of burning candles of hope and seeking the blessings of a voodoo priestess, devise a contingency weather plan. Here are some tips to ensure that your special day will be special, no matter what it's doing outside:

1. If you've planned an outdoor wedding for the sake of beautiful scenery, great. Arrange to get married at a park or facility that has a guest house or club house to protect guests during inclement weather. Set up the post ceremony festivities to take place in the club house, as opposed to doing everything outdoors. Even if reciting the vows goes off without a hitch, the weather can change at any moment and it's best to keep the bulk of the fun indoors (See below for location suggestions).

2. Work cooperatively with the wedding planner. Some people are "picky" to a fault and ask for things that are simply impractical and just plain out of the question. Keep in mind that this person / team has been planning weddings longer than you have and when a place is suggested for specific reasons, be open to that. If your wedding planner says that it's going to be a disaster to have an October wedding atop Long's Peak, please accept the caveat and plan to convene somewhere else.

3. Be prepared to dress according to the weather. Unless you are having a wedding in Hawaii, please refrain from having your bridesmaids wear loose-fitting pink, sleeveless dresses in late October (it snows in Colorado). Suggest that the wedding party and guests bring a change of shoes for outdoors and indoors, especially in the case of picture-taking. Remind everyone that the weather can change in a short amount of time. Bringing a change of clothes could also be advantageous, depending on the weather for that day.

4. Shop around for the best price, location and space for your ceremony. If you're on a tight budget, you should probably change your heart if it's set on The Broadmoor. This beautiful, historic hotel is on the top of the 5 Star List on the Travel Channel; definitely not for those on a budget. There are more economically priced venues and plans that will work very well and you won't have to sell your first born to pay for your wedding.

5. Prepare to relax. Be mentally equipped to expect just about anything, especially inclement weather. This is a very exciting day for all involved, but know that things that shouldn't go wrong sometimes do. To keep an already stressful situation from exploding out of control, get a solid grip on your mental state. It sounds funny, but anxiety from planning and going through with the wedding can sometimes cause adverse reactions, such as passing out (See funny video).

Here are some suggestions for beautiful ceremonies for an outdoor wedding during the Fall months:

Stone Mountain Lodge - Located in Lyons, Colorado, near Estes Park, this beautiful mountain lodge hosts weddings year round. They were rated as one of the best places to have a wedding in Colorado by Wedding Wire in 2009. The scenery is beautiful and they have several cozy cabins for the new bride and groom, which works well if you're trying to stay within a budget.

Colorado State Parks - What better way to support the State of Colorado Wildlife Division than to hold your wedding in one of the beautiful state parks. There are more than 40 state parks across Colorado. Each has accommodations for weddings that provide a natural backdrop for relaxation, enjoyment and great picture taking!

Wellshire Inn - If you'd love a beautiful, elegant ceremony in town, consider the Wellshire Inn. Located at Hampden and Colorado, this venue is convenient from all areas of town and easily accessible from the Denver International Airport.

Grand Hyatt Denver - For a truly elegant wedding experience consider the Grand Hyatt Denver. What better place for city slickers to have a memorable day and evening than hosting a ceremony in the heart of downtown Denver. Imagine limo service, a carriage ride under the moonlight and a honeymoon suite for the newlyweds. The Grand Hyatt offers packages for those on a budget and the big spenders who want to rent rooms for their guests after the festivities end.

Lionscrest Manor - This 50-acre Victorian estate is located near the Foothills in Boulder, CO. Lionscrest Manor boasts of having some of the most spectacular views in Colorado, which is just what your special day should have. Plenty of photo opportunities on the grounds and weather permitting, an outdoor ceremony will be quite memorable.

Crystal Rose - Golden, Colorado's gem in the Rockies is this beautiful venue with gorgeous mountain views. The Crystal Rose has been hosting weddings for over 20 years and offers a wide range of services, packages and options to take the worry out of your wedding.


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