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Wedding coordinator defends bride of baby tied to the train of her wedding gown

According to Daily Mail Online Monday, a Tennessee mother and bride attached her newborn 1-month-old baby to her wedding gown train and walked down the isle with her. Furthermore, the mother said that they were "covered by the blood."

This news story has made national news and is gaining ground every day. Shona Carter-Brooks and her now husband were married in a church and did something unthinkable. Brooks was very creative in strapping her baby to the back of her gown, "secure" so that the baby would not roll over on the floor.

Arm-in-Arm, the couple walked down the aisle of the church with some on-lookers appearing to be in shock.

This act is not only unusual, but is unsafe for a newborn. The baby appears to be unprotected from injury by being on the floor. Someone or something could have fallen on the baby.

The mother is now under fire and being criticized for her actions, and she contents that "...everything turned out fine." Brooks fired back at critics, and said the media is speaking negative of her actions.

A comment from Kaye Jordon, wedding coordinator Facebook page: For everyone believing that the baby riding on the back of her mother's wedding train, please take a look at the above painting by the great Annie Lee. This action has significant historical value and indicates the dedication of her mother (and father) toward caring for her child and family.

Annie Lee creates African American art and collectibles. In search of the painting that the wedding coordinator referred to, we found a painting of a mother in her wedding gown holding her newborn in the palm of her hand. However, this may not be the painting Jordon was referring too.

We pray that this couple, Shona and Johnathon Brooks will have a happy life together, and be able to provide for the needs of their baby.

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