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Wedding colors 101 - think bridesmaid dresses not tablecloths

Le the bridesmaid dresses be a neutral background and use your flowers to tell your color story.
Le the bridesmaid dresses be a neutral background and use your flowers to tell your color story.

When you're choosing you wedding colors instead of thinking of how your reception is going to look splashed in colored linens, you might want to think about your bridesmaid dresses first.

Choose a color that will work with the skin tones of all of your bridal party members. Dalziel

There's a reason that you don't see department stores and boutiques glowing with some colors like raspberry, sunflower yellow, or neon orange. That's because those colors and a variety of others don't look good on most people. Designers choose colors that not only work well with their collection but, as business people they know that if they want to sell to the masses, they have to choose colors that will work with the majority of their potential customers.

Some colors wash people out, others can make their skin tone seem sallow or even give it a green tinge. So choosing the color that will work with all of your bridal attendants will be your best bet.

Does that mean that you can't have the color you've been dreaming about? Of course not. By all means use your chosen color as an accent. It can be that the flowers, a belt, or other accessories are featured in your favorite color. Just choose a dress in a color that will coordinate with signature color.

Is your favorite color pumpkin orange? That looks terrific with chocolate brown, beige, off-white, gold, ecru, yellow and green.

Love lime? Turquoise works well with lime as does yellow, mango, and navy blue.

Passionate about purple? Go with royal blue, regal red, gold, silver or a pretty pink.

If you still insist that your bridesmaids wear a particular color, then consider allowing them to wear a variety of hues of that color. Some of your bridesmaids might be able to pull off a deeply saturated vibrant color while others would look better in a softer shade of the same color.

For instance, there are probably hundreds of shades of red. You know this because if you've ever looked for a red lipstick, you discovered that there were dozens to choose from. There is cherry red, orange red, purple red, blue red and dozens of other shades. And chances are it took you a while to choose one that looked best with your hair and skin tone.

By choosing a main color that looks best on all of the members of your bridal party and using your signature accent, you'll end up happier bridesmaids and prettier pictures.