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Wedding Bloopers - Wardrobe Malfunctions - Whoops!

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Before you admonish me for writing such an article, I ask of you to hear me out. Bloopers are meant to put a smile on one's face, we are not looking to laugh at the individual. With Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the Superbowl in the famous wardrobe malfunction, personally I do not believe it was a malfunction, instead I believe it was planned. With Janet Jackson if it was a malfunction the bare nipple would of been exposed, not a star covering the nipple. Janet Jackson knew good and well what was going to happen. With the women on our pictures, none of these brides planned for such to happen they were genuine bloopers! We are not exposing any bare anatomy that should not be, we are keeping a cover on it to keep this article in good taste.

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When an incident as such happens, it is quite embarrassing I am sure, Ministers ordained by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters through the years have seen a great deal, however as time passes these bloopers become cherished memories and cause for a chuckle by the bride and groom. These pictures were published with permission of the parties for them to share with the world a spontaneous mishap with the hopes of bringing a smile to the faces and a chuckle to those who see such.

So let us enjoy these bloopers. You are entitled to your opinion, if you think such are inappropriate I apologize, but you can't please everyone and it was not my objective to ruffle anyone's feathers. Take care and God bless you and remember the Universal Life Church World Headquarters ordains men and women to serve as wedding officiants. By choosing to become a minister it affords to you the opportunity to officiate a wedding for a family member or loved one.