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Websters Violate the Law Again, Will Village Finally Respond?

Illegal driveway expansion on Park Avenue.
Illegal driveway expansion on Park Avenue.
Pam Ketchum

The Websters are at it again, openly violating the law and daring the Village of Brockport to do something about it

This time, it happened on the property adjacent to east side of the Brockport Village Hall, and you have to wonder if this will be the last straw that finally makes the Village crack down on landlords who openly violate the Village Code.

This driveway expansion by Bob Webster is a blatant violation of Section 16-3 of the Village Code.

"No new driveway shall be connected to a Village street, nor may an existing driveway entrance be changed or enlarged, nor may a Village curb be allowed or removed, without a permit therefor."

But this stuff happens all the time, and the Village government has a long history of not doing anything about it.

In response to an email about this driveway expansion, Mayor Blackman replied;

"There is a history to this. Last fall the driveway was expanded and Bobby was issued a notice of violation and, if I am not mistaken, an appearance ticket by Scott Z. Following that, he put up a line of stone blocks marking the original margin of the driveway but did not fill in the soil. If he's now expanding the driveway, he's in clear violation of the law, and I am confident that David Miller will handle the matter expeditiously and appropriately upon his return to the office tomorrow."

That raises the question of why the Village did nothing when Bob Webster responded to the appearance ticket by putting up a line of stone blocks marking the original margin of the driveway but did not fill in the soil.

If the Village government does not ensure that Webster fills in the soil that he removed illegally, then why would they expect Webster to do anything but continue with his illegal plan in the first place.

Perhaps that’s because the Sweden Town Court has been so lax in enforcing the Village Code. Perhaps not. We'll see if anything changes when the Village Court starts operating next January.

In the meantime, it's time for this to stop. This violation occurred on the property immediately east of the Village Hall. That should be enough motivation to get the Village to finally start enforcing this section of the Village Code.

In 2011, when Margay Blackman was running for a seat on the Village Board, I wrote her campaign literature. Her campaign slogan was, “If it’s worth doing, we’ll find a way to do it.”

It would be nice if Margay kept that promise.

I will never forget one particular night in mid-March 2011, when Margay and I were sitting at her dining room table reviewing the campaign flyer that I had created for her.

It was a simple flyer, one page, front and back, folded in three places vertically, so the flyer was about 3 ½” wide and 8 ½ tall.

As we sat there, she asked me to remove the one sentence about creating a Village Court, because she, “Wasn’t convinced about the Village Court.”

For a moment, I honestly thought about getting up from the table and walking from the whole campaign. I had poured my heart and soul into the effort to create a Village Court, and then Trustee Kent Blair had shot the whole idea down because he didn’t like Trustee Scott Hunsinger’s presentation to the Board.

To realize that Margay Blackman hadn’t done her homework on the court blew me away. In fact, her attitude turned me off so much that when she ran for Mayor, I did not campaign for her.

And yet, now, Margay Blackman is a champion of creating a Brockport Village Court.

Maybe it just takes some people four years to understand things.

On June 17, 2014 Kent Blair and William Andrews, Jr were elected as the first two justices of the Brockport Village Court, which is expected to start functioning in January, 2015.Think about it. Margay Blackman and Kent Blair have both done a 180 on the Village Court.

Then think about where we would be now if Blackman and Blair had supported the formation of a Village Court back in 2011.

If Blackman and Blair had supported the formation of a Village Court in 2011, the Village Court would be up and running and Bob Webster would have to appear before a Village Justice for his illegal actions instead of appearing in Sweden Town Court, which has a long history of giving landlords such as Bob Webster a slap on the wrist for violations of the Village Code.

If Margay Blackman meant it when she said, “If it’s worth doing, we’ll find a way to do it,” then it is time for her to find a way stop Bob Webster, and the other college landlords, from illegally expanding driveways whenever they feel like it.

It’s time for Margay Blackman to put her money where her mouth is. Enough is enough.

This latest violation happened right next door to the Village Hall. If that is not a slap in the face, what is?

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