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Website allows Mesa residents to know where sex offenders live

The website for the Mesa police department now features a user friendly link called ‘OffenderWatch’ which allows residents to know, with a click of a mouse, where registered sex offenders live.

‘OffenderWatch’ is in addition to the sex offender registry maintained by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. With this new feature residents can opt to receive notifications for specific or multiple addresses.

Detective Mike Melendez, a Mesa police spokesman said, “Any time you can let people know where sex offenders live, it makes the city safer."

Mesa is the first East Valley city to use ‘OffenderWatch’: both Buckeye and Yuma currently use it and Peoria is in the process of having it online.

It is an undeniable reality that sex offenders reside in communities across this state and the nation; it is also true that they do so legally. ‘OffenderWatch’ is simply a tool that gives residents the opportunity to be forewarned.

To learn more about 'offenderWatch’ go to:


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