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Webinar on How to Jump Start Your Job Search

Have you been thinking about a new job but uncertain how to begin the search while working? Whether working a job and stuck in a rut or unemployment this webinar will provide some useful guidance on how to jump start the job search. Manpower Group Career Success Seminars in partnership with BrightTalk will be having an complimentary online webinar on starting your job search on July 22, 2014 at 1PM EST. Online registration is free for this webinar titled Countdown to a New Job: 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Job Search.

Using old approaches to a job search do not bring results and can eventually discourage a job search. Beyond just searching the internet for jobs and randomly applying online then hoping for a phone screen this webinar promises to deliver techniques that bring results. Searching for the next job takes a marketing approach and strategy. When it is time to go it is time to go. Whether it is a over-bearing boss, weak benefits, limited opportunity or lack of recognition changing a job should be undertaken with a plan.

From using traditional networking to social networking, phone interviews to video sessions to resumes to online profiles the job search landscape has changed and will continue to change. A serious job search will require a lot of commitment and drive. Register for this webinar and learn valuable tips on how to improve your job search skills.

The presenter for the webinar is Jill Kempka, Manpower Group Manager who brings a unique combination of Recruiting and Marketing experience. Online preregistration for this webinar is required. For more details on this webinar or to register online go to Countdown to a New Job: 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Job Search.

Being in the right job can make all the difference in the world. According to the Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Summary report there are 9.5 million American Workers who are unemployed and almost an equal number of involuntary part time workers who want to work full time but are unable to find full time work or have had their hours reduced. There are another 2 million marginally unemployed who have have not looked for work. Add to these numbers to last year's Gallup poll that found 70% of U.S. Workers are disengaged meaning the work is not inspiring. This adds up to estimated $550 billion a year of lost productivity, stolen goods and missed work days.

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