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Weber State basketball: Former star Damian Lillard namedrops Ogden in new ad

Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.
Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When you make $100 million off of endorsements for Adidas alone, you can afford to be creative. If you are Damian Lillard, prodigal son of the Weber State men's basketball program, you can take that creativity to the next level.

Moments after Lillard splashes a popcorn bucket with butter, the former Weber State star dressed as a theater attendant in black horn rimmed glasses and a maroon vest over his white shirt and bow tie dishes a no-look pass to a theatergoer--kicking off the show.

What are we watching--basketball? Whatever, this Damian Lillard adidas commercial is only focused on one thing, and it's not a sport about a roundball. Nichols dashes in from right to left--industry standard--breathless as she approaches Lillard holding a wired mic.

In Lillard's latest commercial for Adidas entitled "BOOST Or Bust" released on Wednesday, Aug. 5, ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols asks the current Portland Trail Blazers All-Star and Team USA hopeful what the key was to his success down the stretch.

The only problem is, she's asking Lillard basketball questions while Lillard is only interested in answering questions about his form handling the buttery popcorn. But wait a sec, isn't this an Adidas commercial about basketball shoes?

Nichols asks Lillard how he "got into position to make that final shot," to which he replies, "I wanted to get to the bucket," Lillard says deadpan. " I knew it would be tough to get my hands on it--the buttery topping is really slippery."

After Nichols asks Lillard where he gets his inner strength to be able to make such exquisite no-look passes--of popcorn buckets, that is--the former Weber State man retorts, "Anyplace that's got a multiplex--Ogden, Oregon, Oaktown."

By the time Lillard finishes throwing up two O's--his five-finger salute to the three places that helped him become a man's man--you're probably wondering why he's still talking about popcorn instead of basketball. So is Adidas. "Bust" in giant block lettering covers your screen and the real spot begins.

We cut to Lillard with a basketball--finally--on a court. He does a wicked crossover, fakes and goes strong to the rim, spinning into the air as he flies backwards, jamming a reverse dunk through the net in slo-mo. To wrap it up back at the theater, Nichols asks LIllard what his "biggest obstacle will be as he tries to win that championship."

"I say the nachos," Lillard says. "Cheese sauce is a handful." So is the spot, which appears to be a bit too clever for its own good. While it has some cute moments, a little goes a long way with anything in life. This ad doesn't appear to be as good or as funny as Lillard's ad was with Karl Malone and company.

When the former Weber State star mocked Malone and others for not winning a title, the end result for that spot was comedy gold. Compared to that spot, Lillard's latest commercial misses the mark--but the kids who buy his shoes will like it.

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