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Web Traffic Spikes and Sales Spikes and What They Mean

Secrets to Creating Passive Income has received several great reviews on the Internet this week.
Secrets to Creating Passive Income has received several great reviews on the Internet this week.
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This past week, the book Secrets to Creating Passive Income has experienced a sales spike thanks in the most part to one blogger giving it a great review on The sales rank for this book, at its lowest was 7475 (lower is better and has over 10 million books with a sales rank).  The sales rank has gone back up, due to the fact that has sold out of their copies of the book and are awaiting replenishment.

Also this past week, Bob & Inger Johnson were featured on Channel 7's 5:00 news as authors who wrote a story with a Father's Day slant. Their website saw a spike in traffic instantly as soon as Channel 7 posted the story on their website and again a couple of hours later when the news story came on. The first day, they had a 20 times increase in their normal traffic and the next day, it was a 12 times increase in their normal traffic and by the third day, it was back to normal. Book sales, very likely mirrored their traffic trend.

Both of these increases were effective, and impacted the author's bottom line (i.e. book sales increased). But they were also very short lived. Being featured in a popular blog has an impact that lasts about three days (with some lingering positive effects) and being successfully featured in traditional media has about the same impact time line - about three days.

The spikes were short lived, but the lingering positive effects will likely boost their web traffic for a couple more weeks, as very popular websites have linked to them and either the search engines will reward them with a greater relevancy rank for having the links into their sites from the popular sites or random visitors to those popular sites will click the links. Either way, it adds up to increased traffic for those two websites ( and

The way to keep these lingering effects alive for these authors is to keep the momentum rolling. They need to blog, Facebook and Twitter more about these sites as well as their own and then keep posting reviews, blogs or sending press releases so that more traffic spikes occur creating more lingering positive effects that build on the past ones.

The Internet is a dynamic and fickle place. Momentum can be generated and amplified, but only by being diligent about it. Resting on the laurels of a past success will kill momentum and basically can only be recaptured by beginning again.

All work on the Internet to gain recognition for a book or a website is useful, but when there are big wins, they can be parlayed into bigger wins by just keeping the momentum going. The best way to keep momentum going is to create a 90-day plan, stick with it, re-evaluate what worked and what didn't and then make the appropriate adjustments - every 90 days.

You'll never really reach critical mass, when all of this will start happening for itself, but you will reach a place where you can probably hire someone else to do the web work, but until that time, it is your responsibility to make a plan and stick to the plan.

For more information about blog plans and social media - visit the Writer's Summit Social Media Networking page.


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