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Web slinging fun at the Houston Children's Museum

Like the splash page from a comic book, the greeting sign for the museum let you know what was coming.
Like the splash page from a comic book, the greeting sign for the museum let you know what was coming.
William Robinson

During The Houston Children's Museum's Summer of Epic Adventure : The Sequel, your friendly neighborhood Spider-man made an appearance, and a silly string showdown was held in his honor.

Little Iron Man and his Marvelous mom enjoying  the super adventure day at the Museum.
Photo by William Robinson

The Museum had it's own league of heroes that adorned the walls of the museum, and even the heart of the museum Kidtropolis. Heroes with such fantastic names as Power House, Whiz Kid, Snap Shot, and Code Monkey were part of the murals, the stations and the decor of the museum.

At the various stations that traversed the museum, activities and exploration were all part of the fun. Kids of all ages could create their own paper web or Spider-man masks, plastic capes and masks, or paper action figures.

At the Eco-shack, you could learn how spiders wove their webs, how to spot spiders, and which ones were dangerous to humans.

Kids and ( a few adults ) came in super hero T-shirts, capes, hats and even a few in costume to take part in the heroic events.

The biggest part of the day was the Silly String shoot out held in the web-head’s honor.

Every thirty minutes from one until four pm, two teams of kids donned eye goggles and blue or red Spider-man t-shirts to face off in the arena, built just for this event.

After the teams received instruction and ammunition, our favorite wall crawler signaled the start of the event and when the kids were done, decided the winning team.

These events held on August 1st were only a small part of the Summer of Epic Adventure. From it's kick off on May 23rd through it's end on September 7th , plenty of super activities have been part of the fun.

On August the 8th , look for a mascot showdown at the museum and for the younger readers, and those young of heart look for the Super Why viewing party and character appearance on Saturday August 16th.

For more information on tickets, and upcoming events click here.

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