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Web series: 'The Inn' a spooky and mysterious joyride

'The Inn' is a spooky, scary, mysterious joyride
'The Inn' is a spooky, scary, mysterious joyride

“The Inn” is a place you do not belong. It is shrouded in mystery and spooky things happen to guests who check into it. Veteran of daytime soap operas and web series, Crystal Chappell stars as Jane, a disturbed woman who's car breaks down and forces her to stay at the inn. “The Inn” ( is a perfect web series for viewers who like things a little bit scary, a little bit unpredictable, and enjoy a lot of mystery thrown in. “The Inn” is a ghost story with twists and turns you don't see coming.

Another veteran soap opera star, Denise Alexander, plays Lola the proprietor of the coffee shop. (All the diner shots are filmed in Los Angeles at a working diner.) Lola recommends the inn to stranded travelers. Film, television, and soap opera actor Ray Proscia plays Teddy, the scary innkeeper you wouldn't want to meet in a dark hallway.

Series creator Steve Silverman who also created “Pretty” ( had this to say about “The Inn.”

Flo DiBona: How would you classify “The Inn”? Is it a mystery, ghost story, drama, suspense series, or all of the above?

Steve Silverman: It's a Hitchcock-inspired, thriller, with a touch of scary. I studied Hitchcock back in college. I love how he crafted a story. There are a bunch of nods to him and his work, most notably that we never find out our lead character's real name, just like in "Rebecca."

FD: “The Inn” is such a departure from your previous web series success, “Pretty.” What made you switch from comedy when you were so successful with it?

SS: It was time for something new. I didn't want to do another comedy. I wanted to show people this pony has more than one trick in him. Hopefully, I did.

FD: Where was “The Inn” filmed?

SS: All the diner scenes were shot in Los Angeles at a working diner. Everything else was shot up in Ojai, Calif. on a private ranch. The inn itself is a home from 1908 - it's a great space.

FD: Where did the idea for “The Inn” come from?

SS: It's a story I came up with many years ago. I wrote it out as an outline and thought it might be a film, then a TV show, then a novel, then I put it aside. Years passed and then I found it again and thought, "Hey, this might make a fun web series." Again, I love Hitchcock. So it was a mix of all that.

FD: Crystal Chappell and Denise Alexander both come from daytime soap opera backgrounds. Crystal has also been involved in her own web series. How did you come to cast them in the roles of “Jane” and “Lola”?

SS: Denise and I have known each other 20 plus years, she's like my other Mom. I try to work with her as much as possible, mostly because she's so much fun to be around. Originally, Emma Caulfield was in place to play "Jane," but her schedule changed and I sent Crystal an email asking her if she'd take a look at the script. She did, said yes, and away we went. Honestly, I had the best time working with both these ladies and would do it again in a second.

FD: Next on the horizon for you is a new season of “Pretty.” Can fans take that as a sign there may be hope of you one day revisiting “The Inn”?

SS: I never fully close the door on anything, so, yes, there's always a chance we may go revisit “The Inn.” I've got some concepts already on what the story might be. It would be fun to play some more with this story. But next time, we're not filming 20-plus hours in a row. THAT I can promise you.

FD: Thank you so much for your time, Steve. Is there anything you would like to say to readers?

SS: Thank you all for your continued support of “The Inn,” “Pretty,” and all my team and I work on -- we make our shows for you!

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