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Web series: 'Tainted Dreams' by daytime soap producer/director Sonia Blangiardo

Tainted Dreams” is a web series created by veteran daytime soap opera producer/director Sonia Blangiardo. "Tainted Dreams" ( goes behind the scenes of a fictional soap opera to reveal the soap behind the soap. The show takes place in NYC where it is filmed. It stars veteran daytime television soap opera actors and prime time reality television stars.

Tainted Dreams
Rob Santeramo Photography

“Tainted Dreams” is a double dose of soap opera fun. Behind the scenes of “Painted Dreams” (the fictional soap opera within the soap) is a complicated mix of spicy, sweet, catty, sexy soap with an underlying thread of camaraderie and family. It's clear the cast is having fun which makes it fun for the audience (

The first three episodes of “Tainted Dreams” (TD) are available at ( and the “Tainted Dreams” YouTube channel (

We recently got to ask creator, executive producer, and director Sonia Blangiardo about the show.

Flo DiBona: Sonia thank you for taking the time to talk with us about the show.

Sonya Blangiardo: It is my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

FD: After working in network television what is the biggest difference creating and working on a web series?

SB: Working for network television, you inherit a well-oiled machine. When you create a web-series, all the elements you took for granted have to be thought of and addressed. Also, in network television, there was a vast support production team. Everyone knew what their specific job was. In this case, it was mostly me so the pressure was certainly on!

FD: What was the most difficult aspect of creating a web series from scratch?

SB: Every aspect was challenging, again because every detail had to be accounted for. However, for me the most difficult part, but also the most rewarding, was creating characters that had their own individual point of view and that as the story progressed, they stayed true to who they were. For every story I wanted to tell, I would relentlessly ask myself how would this character handle these sets of circumstances. My biggest pet peeve is when shows get lazy with their story telling and suddenly it becomes plot driven instead of character driven. To me that's not good story telling. You can have the best story in your arsenal, but if it goes against the grain of who the character fundamentally is, you've failed.

FD: Were the actors eager to join the show?

SB: I repeatedly say how blessed I am to have the cast I do and I mean it. I could not have asked for a more talented, generous and positive cast. I have personal relationships with most of the cast, having worked with them on one or more shows, and I felt a life-long bond with the few I met for the first time. Everyone who decided to be a part of TD did so because they believed in it and liked the concept and stories. How could I not be blessed?

FD: When will fans get to see more episodes?

SB: Ah...that's the question I keep hearing over and over again. I truly am working day and night trying to find the right form of distribution for TD. No one wants to air the remaining episodes as much as I do. We have some very powerful story ahead of us. I so appreciate the enthusiasm of the fans and the level of anticipation they have. I really hope to have some information soon.

FD: Thank you for your time, Sonia. We look forward to more “Tainted Dreams!”

SB: Thank you. It was totally my pleasure.

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