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Web series: 'Pretty' is a zany and pretty joy ride

"Pretty," filmed in Los Angeles, is a web series like no other you will ever see. “Pretty” ( is the story of Annette Champagne, a professional child beauty pageant contestant. But Annette is no ordinary child... She is played by a thirty-something actress, Stacy McQueen. Award winning “Pretty” is one of the funniest, zaniest web series on the Internet. The show has a wealth of daytime and prime time guest stars to round out an outstanding cast.

Stecy McQueen as Annette Champagne

In 2012, after three very successful, hilarious, and award-winning seasons, creator Steve Silverman called it quits and Pretty aired its last show. Then, after a long hiatus, “Pretty” went back into production for a fourth season.

We caught up with Steve who had this to say about “Pretty.”

Flo DiBona: Steve, “Pretty,” is a wildly popular cult favorite. What made you end the series when you did, and what made you bring it back for a new fourth season after ending it in 2012?

Steve Silverman: The 100% truth is it stopped being fun. It became work. And it's supposed to be work cause these things take a lot of work, but I already had a full time job that was my work. So if I'm going to do a project like "Pretty," where I'm not being paid, in fact, I AM the one paying everyone else, it BETTER be fun. That's as honest as I can be. I took some time off from doing web series, then wrote, directed and produced my next project "The Inn" (, and then the spark of a new "Pretty" story came to me and I wrote it, rewrote it after some notes from friends, and it sounded like it could be fun again. Sometimes stepping away from something for a little while makes you miss it.

FD: Two words, Stacy McQueen?

SS: Two words, Best Pal. We've known each other for 21 years. She's one of the first people I met when I moved to Los Angeles, right after I finished college, and we've stayed close ever since. Stacy is infinitely talented, gorgeous on the inside and out, honest, I can go on and on. I'm blessed to call her my friend. I'm privileged to work with her on this project.

FD: Can you give readers any tidbits on what we can expect in Season 4?

SS: OK, how about……NO. Have you met me? I am the king of no spoilers. You think you're gonna get me to spill details? You didn't even offer me chocolate. I will only say this at this time: You have no idea what's about to happen on "Pretty," but when you see it, you'll go (hopefully), "Ooooooh, THAT makes sense."

FD: Has it been easy to go back to “Pretty,” after such a long break?

SS: Surprisingly, yes. It's like putting on an old suit jacket and being happy it still fits and thinking you look good in it. We've had a big change up behind and in front of the cameras: My previous Executive Producers John, Doug, and Kirsten have moved on to other projects, so I brought over Barbara Farmer, who Executive Produced "The Inn" and also served as Producer on "Pretty" Season 2 and 3, as Executive Producer. I have my angel Heidi Moore back again as a Producer and I brought in Barbi Caruso from "DeVanity" ( as a Producer as well, which was perfect cause their show had just wrapped and more importantly, she kept her husband in line. In front of the camera, you'll see Stacy again as "Annette," Dee Freeman returns as "Ribina," and the rest of the cast is new, but keep an eye out for previous "Pretties" cause you know I like a surprise or two to pop up here and there.

FD: We have heard that Michael Caruso of “DeVanity” will be appearing in “Pretty.” Can you tell us anything about his “Pretty” role and can you tell us about some of the other actors appearing in the new season?

SS: That is a vicious rumor that I can confirm: Michael Caruso has joined "Pretty" and that's all I can tell you right now. We're thrilled to have him, he's a good friend and I think everyone will enjoy seeing him work his comedy chops after all that slapping and such on "DeVanity" for four seasons. "Fumbling Thru The Pieces” ( Diane Delano and "Venice's" ( Adrienne Wilkinson are both new additions to our cast, along with Juliette Jeffers, Amy Witry, Tisha Terrasini Banker, and 13-year-old wonder kid, Ava Bergman - we all loved working with Ava and pray we haven't scarred her for life.

FD: When can fans expect to see the new season of Pretty?

SS: Season 4's very first episode will premiere at the HOT AS HELL web series event this summer on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014. You should come to it. Everyone should come. It's in Palm Springs, Calif. It's going to be a billion degrees. McQueen, Caruso, Delano, Wilkinson, me - we'll all be there to sweat with. Here's the info: We'll go up online sometime in late August/early September is the plan.

FD: Steve thank you so much. Is there anything you would like to say to “Pretty” fans?

SS: I would like to say THANK YOU for all your support over the years and for still being excited about our show. That was my biggest fear that we'd film the show and no one would care anymore. Please care. Please, please, oh please care.

FD: We care, Steve!

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