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Web series Inner Dimension to debut at Denver Comic Con on June 13

I recently interviewed Kasha and Troy Fauscett of Inner Dimension, co-creators of the upcoming science fiction web series. The Fauscetts will debut the series on June 13-15 at Denver Comic Con as part of the annual conference’s Reel Heroes track.

Sara Heydlauff as Petra.
Galloping Metal Productions LLC

Michael Tresca (MT): What is this series all about?

Kasha Fauscett (KF): Inner Dimension follows several strangers who disappear from the real world and find themselves lost in a cosmic realm more ancient than the age of the dinosaurs. As the characters travel through portals between the two dimensions, meeting unlikely allies and foes, darkness seeps into the world and threatens the universe.

MT: What type of viewer will be interested in the series?

KF: Any viewer who enjoys science fiction, paranormal or metaphysical genres. This show is not just for the United States. We’re talking worldwide. That’s the beauty of being on the web. Now you can reach whole new levels of viewers around the world.

MT: Tell us about the actors in it.

Troy Fauscett (TF): Inner Dimension features a unique and diverse of characters including Theo Wilson, who plays Derrick, a retired NFL football player, Jazz Copeland playing Teo Matteo, Derrick's nemesis, Luke Banham playing British lord Nathaniel whose intentions are unclear, Kasha Fauscett playing Molly, a mother grieving her deceased husband, who must challenge her belief system to find her missing son Toby, who's played by Daniel Castine, who wakes up to find himself the Inner Dimension.

MT: How many episodes will it run?

KF: We are releasing the first 12-episode series August 2nd through October 18th of 2014. We have 3-4 years of content and will resume filming shortly after first series is released

MT: Where can fans find it?

KF:, Facebook, You Tube - On our official website viewers can click on the icon to the social media site to view the episode. We will run the current episode on our website. Fans can subscribe on our YouTube Channel or on our website.

MT: Where will it debut?

TF: Denver, Colo. – The first two episodes of the science fiction web series, Inner Dimension ( premiere June 13-15, at Denver Comic Con (, as part of the annual conference’s Reel Heroes track. After the daily screening of all two episodes, Galloping Metal Productions LLC will invite viewers to attend a panel where the web-series’ crew will workshop various aspects of the film-making process.

MT: Anything else you'd like to add?

TF: In addition to the screenings and panels at Denver Comic Con, Galloping Metal Productions LLC have a booth where fans can take photographs with actors in costume and pick up swag bags filled with $10,000 worth of free giveaway's including gift certificates, coupons, and free promotional items such as mouse pads, and T-Shirts.

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