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Web series: 'Bosch' by best selling novelist Michael Connelly

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
Amazon Studios

"Bosch" is a detective web series based on award winning best-selling author Michael Connelly's character Hieronymus Bosch, an LAPD homicide detective. The show stars Titus Welliver as Bosch and airs on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime originally ordered a pilot episode of the series to test the waters for interest in "Bosch." Response was overwhelming and Amazon has announced they will produce a full first season of the series.

We asked Michael Connelly about "Bosch" and here is what he had to say.

Flo DiBona: Michael, the official announcement is out that Amazon Prime has ordered a full first season of "Bosch." Congratulations! How is the "Bosch" team feeling right now?

Michael Connelly: We are very excited for the opportunity and ready to roll. The writers room opens tomorrow and we'll start working out the beats of a 10-episode first season.

FD: For readers who may not be familiar with "Bosch," can you briefly describe the premise of the series?

MC: It's about Harry Bosch, an LAPD detective who has a certain affinity for the city of Los Angeles. There is the investigation side of the story - Harry is working a case involving the bones of a child found buried in the hills. But the overarching investigation is of Bosch. It's a show about this character and how he sees the world and how we learn about his secrets.

FD: Is working on a web series a lot different than working on a major motion picture?

MC: I have never had this kind of involvement and influence on any of the previous adaptations of my work. So for me it is very different. But outside of my personal experience, I don't think its all that different for the other people on the creative team and crew. We are going for a very film-like feel to the production and so we aren't cutting corners or sparing expense. The idea that a web series means cut to the bone production values is not valid in this case. We are on a par with any television production out there and I think that could be seen in the pilot.

FD: How important was social media in getting the series picked up?

MC: It was vital. A company like Amazon has access to all kinds of metrics about its customers. They put it to good use and know what people like and don't like, what they want to see or not. The response to the pilot was overwhelmingly positive from the Bosch fan base. If that fan base had not risen up in such numbers we might not be having this conversation.

FD: When can fans expect the next "Bosch" installment?

MC: That's the big question but I don't have an answer. We are proceeding immediately with pre-production and we'll be filming by mid summer. But I am not sure when the show will actually drop and be available and I am not sure yet how it will be offered - on installments or all at once or something in between. We are discussing at length with Amazon and hopefully the decision will be made soon.

FD: Michael thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. "Bosch" fans are looking forward to the next episode!

MC: I think that whether viewers have read the books or not they are going to like what we do with this, they are going to love Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch and they'll want more.

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