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Web comic Shortpacked outs its homoromantic asexual trans-chassis female

Ultra Car, a character from the web comic Shortpacked¸ came out as a Homoromantic asexual trans-chassis woman in Monday’s comic. The strip frequently includes LGBT themes, but it rarely mentions asexuality.

Asexuals use the terms hetroromantic, homoramantic and aromantic to describe their dating desires. A homoromantic asexual wants to date a member of the same sex. He or she has no interest in pursuing intercourse. Trans-chassis refers to the Ulta Car's previous life as a car. Her maker gave her a human-looking chassis.

David Willis, the strip’s creator, produced the strip for his Tumblr readers. The terms listed in the second paragraph are used frequently by Tumblr users. The social networking site's culture allows its users to understand the meanings of these terms with ease.

Although David Willis made it clear that one of his characters is asexual, other web comics still lag behind in this area. The creator of El Goonish Shive web comic stubbornly refuses to support the Terre Haute Asexual Examiner’s assertion that Susan is asexual.

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