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Web-based sitcom producers lunch fundraiser for asexuality-related Aces

The creators of a new web series Aces launched a fund raiser to stat production of new episode. They released the pilot episode in September. Aces' producers wanted to release the pilot episode to raise interest in the show.

Aces deals with issues faced by asexuals who must live in a highly sexual world. It is loosely modeled after the 90s sitcom Friends. Many of the elements that made Friends both successful and irritating are not found in this web sitcom.

Valerie Mikles, Jess Samuda, and Brad Garrison’s names appear on their Indiegogo page. Aces' producers hope to raise $25,000 in the next 33 days. Donations total $950 at the time of writing. Mikles and her show were featured in an Asexual News article that appeared in September.

The pilot episode for the web sitcom cost over $10,000 to produce. Costs for the remaining episodes in the first season should be lower.

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