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Web-based Companies Suit Business-Minded Moms

Backpacks ready minimize morning stress for working moms
Backpacks ready minimize morning stress for working moms
Creative Commons: Flickr Evelynishere

As an entrepreneur and business woman, I have found there is nothing more personally rewarding than working hard to build something from scratch. It is satisfying to surround yourself with people you can learn from, growing both personally and professionally.

In addition to being exciting, building and running an Internet business is a great option for working mothers. The flexibility and potential financial rewards are often unmatched by more traditional business endeavors. But, managing and growing a business and taking care of a family at the same time is also a challenge.

Before starting a Web-based business, identify services, ways of delivering services, online incentives, and special skills or products you have that consumers won’t find anywhere else. Develop a variety of choices and add depth to your product or service line.

Create and analyze your financial plan and make sure that you have the capital to invest. Consult with experts and business colleagues. Compare your concept to the competition. A huge benefit of establishing an Internet business is that you don’t need a fancy office to attract clients, and you don’t need huge amounts of inventory. However, you do need sufficient capital to establish a viable presence on the Web. You will need to establish a budget for advertising, search engine optimization, computer programming, Web site development and maintenance, and sales support.

Organization and efficiency are mandatory. You will have to balance the demands of work with “mom” stuff. Prepare for tomorrow the night before. Review your daily work agenda. Keep a calendar, and use it. Then, make sure that homework is done, papers are printed, permission slips are signed, back-packs are packed, and lunches are tucked into the fridge ready to grab in the morning.

When you get to the office – even if your office is a room in your home - make a pledge to minimize “mom” stuff. Be available for emergencies, but that’s it.

On the reverse side, plan and honor time for regrouping and unwinding with your family. Make certain that you do something together. Split family responsibilities with your partner and your kids. Determine who will do which tasks. Teach your children to contribute to the family and household with chores and kindnesses. Having a working mom makes kids self-reliant and flexible.

Most moms who run a business just accept that they will bring home work. This is especially true with a Web-based business, where the “office” is often as close as an Internet connection.


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