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Weaving with pipe cleaners: Simple rainbow basket craft

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A pipe cleaner basket is a colorful way to teach kids a simple, weaving pattern.

You will need:
Pipe cleaners of all of the colors of the rainbow


1. Start with two pipe cleaners. Bend them in half and then twist them in the center to create an X. This your frame.
2. Start with a red pipe cleaner as close to the center of the X as you can. Loop the pipe cleaner around one arm of the X and then move to the next arm of the X. Keep looping until you run out of red pipe cleaner. It does not matter if you loop on the inside or outside of each arm as long as you do it the same way each time. This is the same pattern as one would use to make an “ojo de dios” with yarn and craft sticks.
3. Once you run out of room on the red pipe cleaner, twist an orange pipe cleaner on to the end of it and keep going. Next, do the same for yellow, green, blue, purple and indigo.
4. Once you have nearly run out of room on the arms of the X, take the excess pipe cleaner and tuck them inward to hide them.
5. If you want to make a handle for your basket, simply braid some pipe cleaners together and twist them around the top two or three layers of pipe cleaners on your basket.