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Weather vs. skiing

Many of the northeast ski resorts are reporting a great January due to the cold weather and the record breaking snowstorm that hit the region leaving a blanket of powder that most east coast skiers only dream about. Unfortunately with the recent warm spell and severe rain that rolled through, February is soon to be off to a rough start. Although the conditions could be better, the men and women operating the snow guns and groomers behind the scenes should have the cold weather that they need starting Tuesday evening to begin the long process of turning the ice packed mountain back into fresh groomed corduroy that everyone looks forward to.

Until the trails are back to their pristine conditions, there are many things one should think of.

  • Is my equipment adjusted for the conditions I might encounter?
  • Are there any extra precautions I should take while on the slopes?

It is always a good Idea to have your equipment tuned for the occasion. There are people out there that do this themselves and that is great the more you know about your equipment the better. However if you do not have the skills too safely and correct adjust and/or tune your equipment have it done by a professional. With the added ice that you could encounter while on the mountain after the recent weather, sharp edges are going to be key to maintain control on the slopes.

Once your equipment is tuned and you are ready to hit the slopes, keep in mind that mountain changes just like the weather. The terrain this week will be different then it was last week. Always be aware of your surroundings and what your abilities are, and of course have fun and enjoy the time in the out of doors.


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